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Pain Relief With Red Light Therapy - dpl Flex Pad

Pain Relief With Red Light Therapy - dpl Flex Pad

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Made by LED Technologies, this medical-grade pain relief therapy kit is an excellent home remedy for pain management. It is FDA approved, and it uses infrared & red LEDs to help enhance blood circulation, decrease inflammation, and stimulate muscle & joint relaxation. 

How The Red Light Therapy Pain Relief Kit Works

The dpl Flex Pad-Light Pain Relief Device is made of 60 robust red LED and FAR Infrared lights that create a balanced spectrum of photons that safely stimulate the recovery processes.

The Infrared (IR) Light produced reaches deeper to the cells to stimulate cellular metabolism. This accelerates recovery, healing of cuts & wounds, and pain relief.

Red Light stimulates the repair of cells and increases circulation to promote the overall health of the affected part.

Both the red and IR light work systematically to deliver optimal recovery, healing, and pain relief.

Why Buy?

  • Helps to relieve pain naturally
  • Stimulates healing of wounds & cuts
  • It’s simple and effective - you can feel the difference in just 20 minutes!
  • Medically approved, clinically tested, and FDA cleared. 
  • It does not involve harsh medications or chemicals.
  • Safe and effective for all skin types
  • It can be used multiple times in a day!
  • FDA Cleared

The Kit Comes With:

  • One dpl Flex Pad Pain Relief System,
  • USB Power Supply and Cable,
  • Adjustable Velcro Straps 
  • and Instruction Manual
  • One Year Warranty

Note: When using the  Flex Pad-Light Therapy Relief Kit, strategically place the wrap that contains the red and infrared LEDs for maximum exposure. Check out all our red light kits here.

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