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A Review Of The Man Shake - Does It Help You Lose Weight?

Finding a product that’ll satisfy your needs and expectations shouldn’t be too hard if you know exactly what you’re looking for in the product. The Man Shake review will help you understand more about meal replacement shake that’s designed for men to help them lose weight.

This may sound like a perfect product at first, but does it work? Is there anything else to know about this product before deciding to buy a pouch or two?

The Man Shake review will cover all these topics, including what it is, how it works, from which ingredients it’s made, etc. This review will help you understand some of the main things that all men should know regarding this incredible product. 

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Details About The Man Shake

Losing excessive fat often requires making significant changes in your diet, and not everyone is quite ready to take that step. The Man Shake is the product that'll help you with weight loss thanks to its design and formula made for all men who want to lose excessive fat, without having to change your lifestyle and dietary habits.

According to Adam MacDougall and his Australian company that produces man shakes, this shake can help you accomplish weight loss quickly without having to worry about changing your old habits.


The fat burning shakes are best described as an outstanding dietician-formulated meal replacement product. This product isn't meant for women, and they shouldn't use it because it's a shake the man should use only. It's universally designed for men, and it contains minerals, vitamins, fiber, low Gi carbohydrates, and very high-quality protein.If you're looking for similar weight loss program, checkout out our Optifast diet review.

The man shake features a natural fat burning formula that can help men to lose weight. The Man Shake brand warns its users not to use this product as a meal replacement for all their meals, but only in addition to their daily diets.

These shakes are formulated and designed to help encourage men to make much healthier dietary choices, but also to help them develop a new and long-term sustainable way of eating.
Regular exercise isn’t required as a standard part of The Man Shake program. The brand says that your body is mostly shaped by what you eat, and the content of shakes you take should be enough to help you with weight loss.

Buy 3 Get 1 Free Man Shake with Shaker

Does The Man Shake Really Work?

Based on the product’s research, it’s crucial to mention that The Man Shake isn’t any magical fat-burning shake. Before we go further, it’s essential to remove any misconceptions about this product.
There’s no clinical proof that The Man Shake contains ingredients that can help you quickly burn fat. It probably won’t deliver incredible and fast weight loss results for most users. 

However, it’s still a relatively decent meal replacement shake for everyone who wants to lower their daily caloric intake.

Furthermore, these shakes don’t have any particular ingredients that can help with satiety in the long term. Therefore, some of The Man Shake users may find themselves becoming hungry very soon after consuming the shake. However, these results are mostly individual. 

It’s our firm belief that it is possible for users to see results from using these shakes if they are determined enough to replace at least two meals each day with this shake. Moreover, it’s vital that the users actively monitor their daily caloric intake for the best results. 

Is The Man Shake Good For You?

The Man Shake is an excellent choice for everyone looking for a product to help them with fat burning and weight loss. Although you won’t experience quick weight loss, you’ll be satisfied with progression since you’ll lose excessive fat, and you won’t need to change your diet drastically by using this shake.
Moreover, there’s no need for hectic exercises since The Man Shake doesn’t require you to have any physical activity to get the results you want. All you need is to do is to replace two of your daily meals with this shake, and that’s it.

What Does The Man Shake Do?

Just like The Lady Shake, The Man Shake users are advised to take this product as a meal replacement. Your standard daily meals don’t consist of enough fibers, minerals, high-quality proteins, and other essential elements that your body requires. However, this shake got them all. It is formulated to provide your body with enough of these elements on a daily basis. Balancing your food intake with The Man Shake will help your body burn excess fat in time.


How Much Weight Can You Lose On The Man Shake? 

Losing excessive fat is what this shake can help you achieve. Although, if you’re looking for fast weight loss, don’t get your hopes up too high. The Man Shake can help you with weight loss in the long run, but it doesn’t have any clinically proven ingredients for the fast fat burning process. To achieve quick weight loss, you’ll need to implement exercising as well.

Keep in mind that weight loss from using The Man Shake is very variable and individual. Some users can experience significant changes, while others may need more time to get desired results. Nevertheless, The Man Shake is a healthy meal replacements product that will satisfy your body’s needs for minerals, vitamins, proteins, fiber, and other necessary dietary elements.

How Long Does A Pouch Of Man Shake Last?

The Man Shake has various flavor options to choose from, and all packages are enough for 7-day consumption. You can also choose a double or family package to save money and get your monthly shake intake. If your partner or other family members also use this shake, you should consider purchasing a family package. Just make sure to get the flavor that everyone likes.



Is The Man Shake Meant For Everyone To Use?

People allergic to dairy products should avoid this shake since one of its base ingredients is whey protein. Moreover, it is not recommended for underage persons.

Is It Safe To Use The Man Shake?

By only looking at The Man Shake formula, we’d like to say that this shake is entirely safe for use since it doesn’t have any unsuitable or banned ingredients for human consumption. The Man Shake is created by an Australian company known as Belmac Investment Pty Ltd. This company is probably better known as The Man Shake (all rights reserved), and its founder is a renowned sportsman Adam MacDougall. Moreover, the company is a highly recognized and respected brand that has an incredible reputation.


Which Ingredients Are Found In The Man Shake?

The Man Shake has various ingredients, and one serving is 60g and consists of:

• Rice Flour;
• Milk Protein Isolate;
• Waxy Maize Starch;
Hydrolyzed Whey Protein Isolate;
• Vitamin Blend;
• Soluble Fiber;
• L-Tartrate and L-Carnitine;
• Medium Chain Triglycerides;
• Sucralose;
Green Tea Extracts;
• Flavoring.

Now that you’re familiar with the ingredients, we’ll break them down to explain why The Man Shake's formula is successful.

All the useful minerals, vitamins, and other nutrients found in the shake are vital for helping your body lose weight. Healthy fats will help improve the regulation of sugar in your blood, and they’ll boost your metabolism so it could burn your body fat, while it’ll also significantly reduce your appetite.
It also has an exceptional blend of green tea extract, L-Carnitine, and HCA aids to reduce fats' absorption.

Another essential blend is a high-quality protein and fiber blend that’s sourced exclusively from grass-fed cows in Australia. This blend helps with the suppression of appetite, which results in weight loss.
The Man Shake is gluten-free, high in protein, and low in sugar. It has around 84% less sugar than any other shake available in the market. Moreover, chromium is one of the most essential elements in the formula since it helps reduce the cravings for sweets.

The Man Shake Side Effects Users Need To Know About

These are some of the potential side effects based solely on The Man Shake formula ingredients:

• Excessive bloating;
• Headache;
• Cramps;
• Increased bowel movements;
• Nausea;
• Increased thirst.

It’s important to mention that some of these side effects can occur, but they don’t depict a standard user’s experience.

Can It Be Purchased In Coles & Woolworths?

Yes. There have been some comments from users looking for the product in supermarkets, and that they are out of stock regularly. Your best option to go direct to their site to purchase, as you'll then get it as quickly as possible.

The Man Shake Pros & Cons

Like any other product, The Man Shake has both pros and cons as well. It’s up to you to decide whether you like this product enough and is it worth your time, energy, and money. We’ve listed both positive and negative sides of the shake for you to see, and decide if it’s a product you’d want to use:


• An excellent and quite useful meal replacement,
• Ingredients and formula are excellent for your general health and well-being.


• The formula doesn’t have any metabolism-boosting or fat burning ingredients,
• Appetite suppression doesn’t last very long,
• The price is pretty steep if you consider that one bag can only last for seven days per person.

Final Thoughts On The Man Shake Review

It won’t be easy to bring this review to a conclusion since the overall thoughts about whether we like The Man Shake or not are mixed. There are both good and bad things regarding this shake. Although none of them blew us away, we would say that it is worth trying The Man Shake diet. After all, The Man Shake is a healthy meal replacement option.

Looking for a similar product for women? Check out The Lady Shake.


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can i take this if i have a fatty liver? Because starch is not a good thing for a fatty liver

Benny Buckland

Hi, I’ve been using Man Shake for 1 week, I replace 1 meal a day ( alternate lunch and dinner) . So far I’ve lost 1kilo which lm very pleased with. Not needing to lose a lot of weight 5 kilos 87 down to 82 is my goal. Need to keep weight down to try and reduce my chronic back pain.
So far so good. Although constipation has become an issue, related or not , not sure.
Tasty product, will keep using for benefit of doubt. Very expensive though. Cheers

Chris Penn

I stick to two replacement meals a day, two pieces of fruit and plenty of water and one cooked meal a day, but at night I’m so bloated and weigh at least two kilo heavier. But come morning bloat is gone. Will the bloat stop all together soon.


Can Manshake be taken before or leading up to a colonoscopy & endoscopy. I believe fibre may be the only constraint

David Jamieson

This is my second week on the Man Shake and so far I like it. It has taken my food cravings away, it has saved me time at breakfast and Lunch and I feel good and want to eat healthy at dinner time. After the first week I could feel my trousers were a better fit around the waist and not so tight. I have been recovering from a broken rib so exercise has been off the cards. I am looking forward to trying the shake in combination with exercise. I also feel confident that I am getting the nutrients I need from the first 2 (meals) shakes of the day. My only advice is too have your 2 liters of water with you all the time so you keep up your fluids. Also you should mention the probiotic ingredients as this is considered important in todays diet.


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