Keto Protein Shakes & Fat Blaster

Check out our awesome range of he amazing Fat Blaster weight loss shake. They've received great reviews around Australia. Weight loss shakes and meal replacement shakes are great for everyday Australians looking to get healthier.

What Is Fat Blaster?

Fat Blaster is an Australian brand that provide a range of products focused on a weight loss shake and healthy living. Fatblaster have put together a range of well known ambassadors including Olympic swimming champion Leisel Jones.

The Fatblaster shake product range includes meal replacement weight loss shakes, clinical shakes, keto fit and coconut detox.  They also have an app called the "balance app", that is an 8 week program to achieve your weight loss goals. It includes daily exercises, weekly meal plans, and personalised goal tracking.

How Does Fat Blaster Work?

Fatblaster products help weight loss by providing low calorie diet replacement accompanying supplements. The balance app is a program with meal guidance and exercises.

What Products Are In The Range?

The list of products include:

- Coconut Detox

- Raspberry Ketone Shots

- Green Tea extract

- Water Booster

- Keto Fit Whey Protein

- MCT Powder

- Digestive Fibre

- Keto Fit Coffee

- Fatblaster Weight Loss Shakes

- Fatblaster Absorbers - lose weight

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