Meal Replacement Optifast Shakes

Check out the great range of of Optifast VLCD meal replacement shakes.

Commonly used as recommended for weight loss, but be sure to ask your health care professional, the optifast vlcd shakes are low calorie, and recommended to use in the Optifast VLCD program.

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Who Is Optifast?

The Optifast company provides products and programs to help everyday Australian's live a healthier life. Specifically they provide a program call the Optivast VLCD program. VLCD stand for "very low calorie diet".

This low carbohydrate diet is a total meal replacement diet to manage obesity.The maximum calories a day is 800, and still provides adequate intake of protein, fatty acids, carbs, vitamins and minerals. The Optifast VLCD consists of 4 levels from Active to Intense.

How Many Calories In Optifast VLCD Program Shakes?

Opifast shakes contain 160 calories, and 14 gms of protein. Depending on the shake type, it they will also contain whey & casein protein, but do not contain artificial sweeteners.

How Many Optifast VLCD Shakes Per Day?

Depending on what shake you take, and what level of the Optifast VLCD program you are on, will determine how many shakes you can have per day. Generally it is one shake per day.

How To Make Optifast VLCD Shakes

To make an Optifast vlcd shake, simply follow the instructions on the packaging.

However you can experiment to make the experience more appealing, such as using iced water, infused herbal tea, add strawberries, or even add curry powder. The video below has some further tips.

If you are considering using Optifast shakes or the Optifast VLCG program for weight loss, you should definitely consider talking to your healthcare professional prior to purchase. 

Many customers have achieved great results from the Optifast VLCD program simply by singing up and following the guidelines. The program has been around many years and has proven to help with weigh loss, improve over all health and well being.

The great thing about the VLCD program is that they not only focus on the weight loss component, but also the taste of the meal replacement shakes. There are many flavours of the optifast vlcd shakes including chocolate, strawberry, banana, coffee, and vanilla. Other simlar products with these flavours are the chocolate flavoured Man Shake, and strawberry flavoured Lady Shake.