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Evolution Salt

Sole Himalayan Salt Drinking Solution By Evolution Salt

Sole Himalayan Salt Drinking Solution By Evolution Salt

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When water and salt are combined to the point of saturation - the solution is called Solé (So-lay).

Himalayan Pink Salt Crystals

The Evolution Salt - Sole Himalayan Salt Drinking Solution represents a perfect geometric form that embodies an ideal state of order within the structure. Its coloring varies from translucent to beautiful shades, pink and red.

The salt contains 84 ionic minerals, which, when combined with water, create a concentrated salt solution, Solé (spelled as So-lay), that helps balance and restore various body functions.


  1. Restores over 80 essential minerals to the body.
  2. It helps alkalize the body’s pH.
  3. It refines the absorption of nutrients within the intestines.
  4. Regulates water retention within the body and may help with blood pressure.

How To Prepare Solé Solution:

Put a few Evolution Salt crystals to a jar and add water till it’s 3⁄4 full with water and allow it to sit at room temperature for a few minutes.

To Maintain the solution for longer, keep adding a few crystals as they dissolve over time. Keep the jar 3⁄4 full always. The Solé solution can be stored for years as it is sterile. 

To Drink:

Add a teaspoon of the Solé solution to a cup of water and stir. For better results, use in the morning before eating or drinking.

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