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Forest Super Foods

Forest Super Foods #1 Certified Organic Naked Greens 500g (60 day supply)

Forest Super Foods #1 Certified Organic Naked Greens 500g (60 day supply)

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Brand: Forest Super Foods


  • Healthy Nails & Hair: Spirulina is super high in easily-digestible protein, iron, chlorophyll and omega 3/6
  • More Energy: Barley Grass is high in iron for more oxygen to the blood
  • Improved Brain Function: Chlorella is high in Omega-3 which has been shown to improve cognition
  • Naturally Detox: Barley Grass has been shown to naturally remove heavy metals.
  • Guaranteed Premium Quality: Certified Organic without any fillers, additives or sweeteners.

Publisher: Forest Super Foods

Details: No fillers, no additives, no sweeteners… just a powerhouse of Certified Organic green super foods that assist with weight loss, increased energy and endurance and that help the body detox from heavy metals. Wheat and Barley Grass provide masses of chlorophyll and nutrients. Spirulina and Chlorella have high amounts of iron and protein and the addition of Moringa provides over 90 nutrients, 46 antioxidants and acts as a powerful anti-inflammatory. NO FILLERS. NO SWEETENERS. NO ADDITIVES. Just certified organic super foods to help give your body the nutrition it needs to perform at its optimal. One teaspoon goes a long way.

EAN: 9349266000074

Package Dimensions: 7.1 x 5.9 x 1.6 inches

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