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Code Age

Code Age Organic Bone Broth Collagen - Capsules

Code Age Organic Bone Broth Collagen - Capsules

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Code Age Bone Broth Collagen Features

  • SUPERIOR ORGANIC COLLAGEN PROTEIN SUPPLEMENT: A one of kind protein supplement that delivers the benefits of homemade Certified Organic bone broth and collagen PLUS specially selected herbs delivered in a convenient, on-the-go capsule form.
  • REJUVENATE - ESSENTIAL COLLAGEN LEVELS: Our Certified Organic Bone Broth Collagen Capsules contain a synergistic blend of organic ingredients designed to promote healthy collagen levels within the body. With 3 grams of connective tissue-building, bone broth-fuelled protein per serving plus specially selected herbs and NO sugar, this is the ultimate source of primal nutrients that can help to support your joints, skin, hair, nails, mobility, and much, much more.
  • MULTI BONE BROTH COLLAGEN COMPLEX: Our Organic Bone Broth Collagen Capsules combine bovine and chicken bone broths giving you the best of both worlds for the ultimate gut-nourishing, joint-supporting, protein-supplying Organic Dual Bone Broth Collagen.
  • ORGANIC, ULTRA-PREMIUM QUALITY: Great for those with sensitivities to dairy, grains, gluten, peas, soy and nuts. Each serving provides 3 grams of highly-absorbable Certified USDA Organic bone broth and collagen-fuelled protein with just 10 calories.
  • ALL THE BENEFITS OF BONE BROTH, ON THE GO FOR FAST RESULTS: Take three capsules with water or your favourite beverage, anytime, anywhere and get the nutrients of a real homemade bone broth without having to spend hours boiling bones in your kitchen. Bone broth has never been so convenient and easy, no matter how busy you are!

Benefits Of Bone Broth Collagen Capsules

Delivering the highest quality of cutting edge bone broth blends, Codeage's Bone Broth Collagen Capsules, 180 counts is designed to support a breadth of health benefits and body processes.

As people age, their collagen levels can diminish so receiving a valuable boost to your collagen Type II levels from a cutting edge blend is an absolute bonus. Packed with vitamins, minerals, essential amino acids, and glucosaminoglycans, you will enhance your diet with powerful, nutrient rich foods!

Proven to assist in improving the health of the gastrointestinal system, it also helps your ability to absorb water as well as defending your delicate intestinal barrier from the potential inflammation caused by lipopolysaccharides. Blended to include Glycine, which is known to protect against gastrointestinal ulcers and glutamine while maintaining the integrity of the microbiome, this bone broth can improve the antioxidant capacity of Proline.

Used in a multitude of cases, our broth helps users with leaky gut, joint health, gut health, skin health, and healthy aging. Our non-GMO, gluten free bone broth with no additives or preservatives our Organic Supplement works quickly and effectively.

Helping your body function at its best, this is the ultimate superfood for your diet. CAUTION: Do not exceed recommended dose. Please use caution if you have allergies or sensitivities to any of the listed ingredients.

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