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Digestive Beef Bone Broth by B-Nourish

Digestive Beef Bone Broth by B-Nourish

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Digestive Beef Bone Broth Features

  • FORMULATED BY AN EXPERIENCED CHINESE MEDICAL DOCTOR: Bringing over 40,000 hours of being with patients, Tania Marinaccio has 20 years’ experience in the field of Chinese medicine. Prescribing bone broth remedies for two decades, she brings a wealth of experience to formulating this quality broth.
  • HIGHEST QUALITY BONE BROTH WITH CHINESE HERBS: A proprietary and patented process of adding Chinese herbs to the broth, including Ren Shen (Radix Ginseng) & Tian Men Dong (Radix Aspargi). Complemented with a High collagen and amino acid content. No added preservatives
  • EASY TO USE: Concentrated into powder form, the broth provides both cost effectiveness & versatility. Use it as a single serve by adding hot water to replace your tea or coffee or as part of a fasting regime. Can be added to your daily cooking such as stir fries, soup bases and curries
  • AMAZING HEALTH BENEFITS: Promotes healthy gut function, supports joint health, reduces the impact of stress on digestion. A pure bone broth with specialised Chinese herbal ingredients that’s created with patented manufacturing process for the highest effectiveness and nutritional benefits
  • TASTES LIKE GRANDMA’S SOUP: With an authentic flavour, the delicious broth warms the soul from the inside out. Brings back childhood memories. A synergy of pure grass-fed broth and Chinese herbs makes our blend unforgettable

Benefits Of Digestive Optimizing Bone Broth

Features: Contains the Chinese herbs Ren Shen (Radix Ginseng) & Tian Men Dong (Radix Aspargi) 

Used for: Maintaining a healthy gut flora. Achieving optimal digestive function. Aiding in the repair of leaky gut syndrome. Can be used as part of a ketogenic diet and fasting regime. 

Some of the uses for our Medicinal Bone Broth include: 

  • Benefits to those fitness conscious people looking to improve their gut health
  • Weight loss, especially for people who follow a ketogenic lifestyle
  • The sports community looking to have an edge over their competition with better gut health
  • Those health conscious individuals who believe in reducing the impact of chemicals on their body
  • Individuals with multiple health issues that are frustrated with mainstream solutions and are looking for an alternative natural solution 

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