Protein Powders - Vegan & Plant Based Powders

In this collection we have our range of plant and vegan powders available for purchase in Australia. If you are vegan or vegetarian this is the place for you to find high quality and natural powders.

We have aggregated the best brands in Australia, bring amazing quality products to everyday Australians.

What Is Plant Protein Powder?

Plant based protein powder are derived from plants, not animals. Protein powder is used to supplement protein we ingest in our normal diet. They help in workout recovery and help build muscle.

It's not only for professional athletes, but also for active people who want an extra boost during exercise. It can stabilise blood sugar and anchor your circadian rhythm. Common plants used include hemp, brown rice, sprouts, and lentils.

What Is Vegan Protein Powder?

It is any plant protein powder. As a vegan, and if you want to be strictly vegan, you need to make sure you are truly keeping to your own rules.

Essentially, you only want to be consuming powder that come from plants, such as organic and natural hemp protein powder, pea, seitan (from wheat), tofu, lentils, chick peas, spirulina and quinoa.

There are many others but these are certainly high quality sources of protein. Whey protein and isolates are not strictly vegan, as they are derived from the milk from the cow.

How Do You Use Plant Protein Powder?

Vegan powders can be consumed by simply mixing with water, or other fluids such as milk, coconut water, or with healthy smoothies. You can also use it to cook with. A typical serving suggestion is to take 30g per day.

Studies have shown that this is the ideal amount to repair muscles damaged after physical exertion, and to initiate muscle protein synthesis. The allow new muscle to repair and grow.

How To Get Protein As A Vegetarian?

The best way to get protein is certainly to use plant based products that are high in protein.

The great thing about consuming vegan and plant based products is that you also get many other health benefits and vitamins and minerals that you may not get with other sources.

What Are The Benefits Of Consuming Them?

Studies have shown that using plant powder can improve the composition and exercise performance. They've also been known to help reduce heart related diseases as plant proteins inhibit cholesterol absorption.

Hunger cravings can also be reduced and combat obesity. Pea protein in particular regulates the hormone ghrelin, that has been shown to reduce hunger cravings.