About Us


I'm Jon and I started CuraVita in the beautiful Adelaide Hills.

My family and I (partner and two young daughters) have been into juicing for a few years now, but with our busy schedules, we always found it difficult to find time. We also travel alot with work and business so we'd miss out when on the road. 

We've tried almost all the powdered green juices on the market, but never really found one with all the ingredients we wanted, or tasted like we wanted.

So.....as these things go we decided to create one ourselves.......and Curavita was born.

It really is one of the tastiest on the market, and still remains raw and natural.

As we've grown, we are also in the process of releasing new products, including hemp protein, tumeric and superfood latte's and coffee, and a host of other products in the pipeline.

I have a Bachelor of Agricultural Science from The University Of Adelaide, and a Post Graduate in Business from Monash University.

I hope you enjoy.....


B Ag Sci; PgD Bus.


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