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A Review Of The Emma Mattress - Is It As Good As Sleeping Duck?

If you have an old mattress, it might be time to look for a new one. Everyone seems to enjoy the Sleeping Duck, Onebed, or Bedworks brands, but the Emma Original Mattress is another option. Today, you can learn all about the all-foam mattress from Emma, a European bedding brand.

It was designed by German engineers, and this bed features a special combination of zoned support channels and foams. That way, you get an all-encompassing experience that is luxuriously soft and supportive.

In fact, it's the most awarded mattress so far. However, can you really get a good night's sleep on it? In this Emma mattress review, you can find out if it's everything you dreamed of and if it's the perfect mattress for you.

To figure out if the Original Emma mattress is the best and worth the hype, you have to focus on certain points. This is an in-depth review that talks about firmness levels, motion control, bounce, and breathability. By the end, you should know everything about it and can make an informed decision for your home and bedroom.

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Is the Emma Memory Foam Mattress for You?

It's time to hit the ground running and learn some basic information about this mattress. Emma could be a good mattress for you, but it depends on a few things. For example, your sleeping position, height, and body weight could indicate whether this mattress is right for you or if you should consider other memory foam mattresses.

No one can make the decision but you. However, here are a few recommendations that can help you decide if this is the best mattress for your needs:

Who Needs the Emma Original Mattress?

  • The Emma mattress is an excellent choice for side sleepers. This is an all-foam mattress, and it offers significant pressure relief that these types of sleepers usually require.
  • Hot sleepers tend to enjoy the Emma Original Hybrid mattress because it's got cooling technology and still offers a soft foam touch.
  • Light sleepers, such as children, are usually fond of this mattress. Emma provides a hugged feeling to offer the best nights' sleep, and these sleepers often enjoy it.
  • However, this is not a medium-firm mattress. If you typically like a softer bed, this could be ideal for you.

Who Doesn't Need the Emma Mattress?

  • The Emma mattress is likely too soft for those stomach sleepers out there. They need more support around the hips to be truly comfortable.
  • Couples might not want an all-foam mattress. The softness extends to every edge, which can be nice when you're getting up in the morning. However, it tends to sag around the perimeter and might cause you to move closer to the middle.
  • The Emma isn't a bouncy mattress, so it might not be right for combination sleepers (those who use different positions each night). They tend to need some bounce so that they can switch positions easily throughout the night. Typically, a spring mattress might be better or a hybrid with more bounciness.
  • This isn't a medium-firm mattress, so heavier people might not find enough support with the foam build. Instead, innerspring mattresses might be the best choice for you.


How Firm Is Emma?

When you are looking to buy a new mattress, one of the most important factors to consider is the firmness level. That's the initial feeling that you get when you lie down on that first night.

To determine the firmness score in this Emma mattress review, it was important to ask several people to test it out, giving them a score range of one to 10, with 10 as the most firm. The scores were then averaged to come up with the final number.

However, it's important to note that people with a different body shape or type might feel firmness differently. You may not find it as firm or soft as the test subjects. Hopefully, those responses give you a better idea of the firmness level of the Emma Original mattress.

Because of the initial feeling of contouring and softness, the bed ranks on the softer side and isn't likely to be medium-firm. Everyone who tested the mattress claimed that it was about a five to six out of 10.

Typically, the industry standard is 6.5 for medium firmness, so Emma is considered to be a soft bed and falls below that threshold for the medium-firm rating. Therefore, if you want a firm bed, this one might not be the best choice.

Emma Mattress Performance

Firmness is an important characteristic for any new mattress, but it's not the only thing to consider. To fully determine if a mattress is the right match for you, it's crucial to think about how it performs in other sleeping positions. Can it relieve pressure and pain in your joints? How might couples feel when they share the same mattress?

This Emma mattress review takes a look at all of those things and much more. Is this the right mattress for you? Find out below:

Testing the Emma Mattress with Different Sleeping Positions

Different weights and sleeping positions require different support amounts from a mattress. Generally, light sleepers need less support than heavy sleepers, but each person may also have specific issues that their mattress needs to help with.

Learn about how the Emma mattress performs for different sleepers and those of varying weights. The Emma Original Mattress could be right for you!

Should Light Sleepers Under 130 Pounds Use the Emma Mattress?

  • Light Back Sleepers - If you are a lighter back sleeper, you may find that the mattress you buy is a bit firmer than what's advertised. Therefore, this Emma mattress could be a good choice for you if you like the softer touch. The mattress is definitely on the soft side within the firmness scale. Some back sleepers may prefer more support.
  • Light Side Sleepers - Typically, light side sleepers should enjoy this mattress. Emma offers soft-zoned support in all the right spots for such sleepers. Plus, it can relieve pressure in the most obvious places.
  • Light Stomach Sleepers - Generally, stomach sleepers who are lighter might need more support than the Emma mattress offers. You may want a hybrid mattress, which is a mixture of springs and memory foam. These sleepers tend to sink too far in to be comfortable.

Should Average Weight Sleepers of 130 to 250 Pounds Use the Emma Mattress?

  • Back Sleepers of an Average Weight- If you're of average weight and like to sleep on your back, you should be okay on the Emma Original mattress. Though it's on the softer side, you should still feel balanced because there's a lot of dense Airgocell and polyfoam in the build to help with that.
  • Side Sleepers of an Average Weight- The Emma is suitable for side sleepers of an average weight, and they can benefit from the contouring and soft foam layers of this mattress. Typically, it feels very comfortable to sleepers who like a classic memory foam feeling.
  • Stomach Sleepers of an Average Weight- Stomach sleepers of average weight may want to consider a firmer mattress. This is a soft one, and the hips of the sleepers can sink into the bed. That creates a bend in the low back, which is unhealthy and could lead to pressure build-up. Over time, it can cause back pain that never goes away.

Should Heavy Sleepers over 250 Pounds Use the Emma Mattress?

  • Heavy Back Sleepers - If you sleep on your back and are a bit heavier, you might not be supported enough by Emma mattresses. You need a firmer mattress to promote the right comfort level.
  • Heavy Side Sleepers - Those who sleep on their sides and are larger may find that they can't get the best nights' sleep on this mattress. You don't get enough support and may feel pressure in your hip joints.
  • Heavy Stomach Sleepers - Again, those who are a bit heavier (over 250 pounds) may not like the way this mattress supports them. It's not strong enough to keep your spine aligned and could cause back pain over time.


Pain Relief Performance of the Emma Mattress

When you are thinking about buying any mattress, you need to focus on how it might respond to the pressure points in your body. For example, if you tend to sleep on your side, you may likely feel pressure at the shoulders and hips. Therefore, you should make sure that the bed supports you well and offers relief in those areas.

It's often hard to describe the "feel" of a mattress, and words alone can't do it well. Ultimately, the best way to know if the Emma Original Mattress meets your needs is to test it out. Luckily, the company offers a trial so that you can do that.

Generally, though, the pressure points are different depending on how you lie on the mattress. When you are on your side, your hips and shoulders feel it the most. As you switch to lying on your back, your shoulder blades and buttocks region have higher pressure put on them.

Those who sleep on their stomach see few pressure points if any. However, the stomach area is likely to feel the most pressure, especially if it protrudes at all. With that, you may actually feel the pressure more in your knees when in this position on the mattress.

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Back Pain

When you're lying on your back, you may feel that this is the most fantastic mattress in the world. It offers the right amount of sinkage and contouring in the lower lumbar region, and you're unlikely to feel any back pain.

The memory foam layer does a great job of filling in that space at the lower back, and the foam contouring cushions the spine well to reduce back pain. In fact, you could get the best night's sleep with the Emma mattress if you lie on your back most of the time.

With that, the pressure-relieving foam makes this mattress a great choice for back sleepers who have back pain. In the same token, though, it makes it a bad option for any stomach sleepers who feel back pain.

Shoulder Pain

If you lie on your back and then roll to your side, you could feel the pressure-relieving feeling at your shoulders and hips with the Emma Original Mattress.

The cushiony, dense memory foam layer can cradle you along those traditional pressure points. Plus, the zoned comfort channels throughout the support layer give you extra pressure relief to the shoulders and spine with the mattress.

This mattress is a great option for side sleepers who have shoulder pain. While it's not as targeted, the shoulder pain can be reduced for back sleepers.

Ultimately, this mattress works well to keep side sleepers level and cushioned along the entire surface. You're sure to appreciate the feeling you get as you lie down and the body finally relaxes after a long day of work (or play.)

Hip Pain

As mentioned earlier, the pressure-relieving sensation goes into the hips when lying on your side. However, you can instantly feel your hips push into the layer of memory foam when you roll onto your stomach.

Though there's the Airgocell layer, it tends to get defeated by the pressure of your hips in the prone position. With that, you don't get as much bounce from the mattress as you do on your back.

It can take a few weeks for the hip pain you feel to go away once you purchase the Emma Original and start sleeping on the mattress. Give it a couple of weeks before you make a decision.

With that, though, this mattress isn't ideal for stomach sleepers, especially if they have hip pain and want to relieve it by sleeping on this mattress each night.

Couples and the Emma Mattress

When you're sharing your sleeping quarters with a partner, there are even more things to consider when you decide to shop for a new mattress. Emma has many great features to focus on.

The features to think about with your Emma mattress include performance during intimate moments, motion transfer, edge support, and cooling technology. Let's take a look at this mattress more in-depth for you and your partner. That way, you know if this mattress has what it takes:

Motion Transfer

You can't have a review for a mattress without the motion transfer test. It might seem a bit old-fashioned with today's technology, but it's crucial if you want to get a great mattress that doesn't wake up your partner every time you move.



This test is quite useful for all types of sleepers, but it is most applicable to those people who sleep with a partner each night. That way, you each have an idea of how much you might disturb the other person as you get off the mattress to use the restroom or grab a midnight snack.

Many researchers have tested motion transfer with the Emma Original Mattress. To do that, they dropped a steel ball weighing 10 pounds from heights of 12, 8, and 4 inches, measuring the disturbance caused by it. Generally, the lines were bigger when there was a larger disturbance.

The results of that testing show that Emma has a low motion transfer, which is excellent news for dog lovers and couples. You aren't very likely to feel regular disturbances or movements from the other person. Even bigger motions, such as jumping on the bed, only produced minor spikes in the test. Therefore, this mattress is a great choice for light sleepers or those who tend to get up multiple times in the night.

Intimate Moments

Most foam mattresses aren't that good when it comes to intimate moments. With that, the Emma mattress fits in with the rest of this category.

However, this mattress performs a bit better during sex because of the dense foundation. That means there's a little less bounce and more responsiveness. That's necessary for a good mattress when it comes to intimacy.

Still, if you and your partner are more rambunctious when you're intimate, this mattress may make you feel like you're working harder. It's probably something you can get used to with time, though.


Typically, memory foam mattresses are reputed to be overheating, but that's not the case with the Emma Original mattress! This is a quality mattress with cooling capabilities that put it much higher than its competition.

You're sure to appreciate the breathable cover. Plus, the mattress features Airgocell polyfoam with a more open-cell structure. This promotes better airflow to regulate your body temperature. Even those who sleep hotter than others may find cooling relief from this mattress.

With time, though, the foam could get so pressed in that it doesn't spring back up. As that happens, you may find that it isn't as cooling as it once was, but this happens to all mattresses made of foam.

Edge Support

If you tend to be an active sleeper and move around a lot during the night, you want to make sure that you don't fall off your bed and onto the floor.

The Emma mattress doesn't have as much edge support as some of the others out there. If you lie on your back by the edge of the mattress, you can feel that it slopes down from the center because of your body weight.

Ultimately, the edge of the mattress collapses just a bit too easily in general. Therefore, it might not be the best choice for a mattress for those who prefer a structured mattress or for couples sharing a bed.

Still, those who tend to sleep more toward the center may have no issues. With that, most people have that sixth sense about falling off the bed and instantly know not to roll over.


how the emma mattress is made

Construction - What's the Emma Mattress Made Of?

The Emma mattress is actually a mixture of memory foam, Airgocell foam, and dense polyfoam, so it offers you better pressure relief, sinkage, and body contouring. With that, there are zoned support sections directly built into the foam layers to help you balance the softness of the mattress with the structure you need to get the best night's sleep.

The base layer of this mattress features supportive point elastic foam, as well. That adds the firmness you need while you move around the mattress and can counter the pressure you feel in your body and back. With that, the elastic foam is what prevents movement from going through the mattress, so you're less likely to wake up your partner.

Though many people might not mind if they didn't know everything about the four layers, it's important for you to look at each one and understand why it's beneficial. That way, you can tell if this is the right mattress for you.

Mattress Cover

The machine-washable cover is made with a polyester blend, which is what most mattresses have. With that, you don't often feel it because you add sheets over the mattress protector.

You're sure to appreciate the Emma mattress because of the washable cover. Just take it off the bed and throw it into the washing machine. It can even go in the dryer!

Polyester is typically used in mattress covers because it is breathable and naturally disperses body heat. Therefore, Emma did a good thing when it chose to go with what worked instead of trying to create something "better" that failed.

Comfort Layer

The top layer of the Emma mattress features 1.5 inches of the Airgocell foam. Therefore, it quickly responds to pressure and can provide you with immediate tension relief. You're also likely to love it because the mattress automatically encourages more airflow and breathability from the open-pore structure it uses.


Contour Layer

Next up (or down) is the contour layer. Here, there are 2 inches of memory foam for more cushioning. Typically, memory foam is a favorite for side sleepers because of the pressure-relieving softness it offers. Plus, it's famous for the sinkage, which allows you to feel cradled and relaxed. There's also a slower response to movement, so you don't disrupt your partner while they sleep.

The comfort layer of the Emma mattress features the Airgocell foam, which is quick to respond to movements. Then, the contour layer directly beneath that is made using slow-responding foam. The two layers work in tandem to offer a contrasting balance to cradle the sleeper in the foam mattress without restricting movement.

This is thanks to the visco-elastic memory foam used. Everyone gets better sleep quality and can often stay asleep longer without the use of medications or supplements.

Foundation Layer

The base layer of the Emma mattress uses supportive point elastic foam. This is the one closest to the ground.

It has 8 inches of higher-density poly foam, making it the thickest section. Just as in the comfort layer above it, the supportive cold foam material here is sturdy and helps you counteract the extra-soft contouring layer within the memory foam.

With that, you're sure to appreciate the zoned support channels in the mattress core because they offer you an extremely comfortable sleeping experience. You get various degrees of cushion and lift throughout the bed to promote spinal alignment and pressure relief from your new mattress.

The Unboxing and Off-Gassing of the Emma

The Emma mattress is considered a foam mattress in a box. Most people claim that when the mattress arrived at their doors, it was easy to carry the box inside.

It is compressed within the box, so you have to unbox it when you are ready, though you must give it a few hours to spring back up and be cushiony and comforting.

Typically, the mattress in a box, such as the Emma mattresses, have to completely decompress. Some people say it only takes a few hours, but it's best to give it a full 24 hours before you add your bed linens and try to sleep on it.

With that, the foam is likely to emit a strong smell when you first take it out of the box. This is called off-gassing, and it's quite normal for foam mattresses. If you can smell anything, it's best to unzip the mattress cover and leave the entire thing in a well-ventilated room to ensure that the odor dissipates completely.

Generally, the best way to do that is to open the windows in the room and let nature do its job. If you can't do that, consider adding fans with the air pushing outward and then turn on the bathroom or kitchen exhaust.

Pricing for the Emma Mattress

The Emma mattress is the most awarded mattress in the world right now. Still, it has the average price of other memory foam models. Since it has special technology and uses better materials, this is a good value for most people. Here are the sizes and average prices of Emma mattresses:

  • Twin (35 pounds; 38x75 inches) - $799
  • Twin XL (37 pounds; 38x80 inches) - $899
  • Full (48 pounds; 54x75 inches) - $1,099
  • Queen (58 pounds; 60x80 inches) - $1,299
  • King (72 pounds; 76x80 inches) - $1,449
  • California King (72 pounds; 72x84 inches) - $1,449

Don't let the high price fool you, though. Emma often has discount coupons available online and on its official website. Therefore, you could get a better deal and can sleep comfortably in a few days when it arrives!



You have fully explored the Emma mattress in this Emma mattress review and have gone through all the major points. Now, it's time to recap on the Emma Original mattress. While it is the most awarded mattress, that doesn't mean it's suitable for you.

However, if it's time to get rid of your old mattress, this could be the best mattress. It compares well to the Sleeping Duck, which uses pocket springs instead of foam. Those who weigh a bit more or sleep on their stomachs may find it to be a better option. Regardless, the question is whether Emma is the right fit for you and your needs:

Favorite Things

Those who prefer a sinking feeling and like a soft bed without the sensation of being stuck or smothered are sure to appreciate the Emma mattress. It has excellent body contouring, the deep pressure relief you crave from memory foam, and soft sinkage. However, the Airgocell layer balances everything out.

As mentioned throughout this review, the mattress is ideal for side sleepers. The memory foam within this mattress and the Airgocell layers provide a better combination of support and softness that feels like a dream to these types of sleepers.

Plus, if you are more of a princess-and-the-pea type of sleeper, there's nothing to fear. Small disturbances and movements from across the bed aren't likely to be noticed because of the low motion transfer.

Just don't expect magic immediately. Give the mattress a few nights of use before you make a decision, and try to stay open-minded. You're sure to appreciate all that this bed can do for you!


There really are no severe complaints with the Emma mattress. However, if you enjoy sleeping on your stomach, this mattress might not be right for your needs. The comfort layer of the bed is too soft and doesn't support the hips well in the prone position. Therefore, stomach sleepers might feel more spinal misalignment and tension with this mattress.

With that, the cushiony layers of the mattress lack the right edge support and firmness that larger people and couples might need to stay comfortable throughout the night.

Ultimately, if you like a sturdy edge or sleep on your back, other mattress options might be better suited to your body and requirements.

Emma Mattress FAQs

That was a lot of information to take in about the Emma mattress. Sometimes, too much data isn't a good thing. However, you also want to know as much as you can so that you make the right choice when it's time to buy another mattress.

This list of FAQs can give you even more information to help you decide. That way, you know what to expect and how long of a trial you get:

Do You Get a Sleep Trial with the Emma Mattress?

The Emma mattress features a full 100-night sleep trial, where you can try out the mattress in your house. Emma requests that you try it out for three to four weeks before you return it. That way, you have many nights to test it out.

If you decide that this isn't the right mattress for you during the trial period, contact customer support and arrange a time for someone to pick it up. You get a full refund of your purchase price. Most of the time, shipping and handling is free, so you shouldn't be out any money.

Is There a Warranty with the Emma Mattress?

Your new Emma Mattress features a 10-year warranty, and this protects you from defects in the workmanship and materials. This includes damage to the foam, dents, cracks, and cover problems. The defective mattress can be replaced at Emma's discretion. Emma offers a pick-up of the old mattress and then delivers the new one.

The warranty is valid only for the original owner of the mattress and can cover the normal use of a mattress on flat surfaces. If you neglect or misuse the mattress, coverage ceases. You may need to provide legal tags and/or your proof of purchase.

How Does the Mattress Ship to You?

Your Emma mattress typically ships for free in the United States through FedEx or UPS. Though these companies offer anticipated delivery times, they can vary or be incorrect.

When you place your order after checking out other mattress options, you receive your confirmation email and can adjust delivery times at that moment to ensure that you're home to get the package.

If you can't be at home, you may also ask an adult to sign for the package.

Every mattress is rolled and then vacuum-packed. It ships as a mattress-in-a-box measuring 19x19x42 inches.

Once the delivery process is complete, and the mattress is on your doorstep, you are responsible for getting it into your bedroom, unpacking it, and getting it set up. There is a booklet with expansion instructions.


How Knowledgeable Is the Customer Service Team?

Most people don't require help from the customer service team, but if you have questions or concerns about the Emma mattress, you may contact customer support between 9 a.m. and 9 p.m. (AEST). They are open seven days a week for your convenience.

There's no phone number associated with the company. You must email your question to

Typically, all of the information you need to know about the mattress can be found on the product page or from reviews like this one. Still, you may want to return or refund your purchase or otherwise ask questions that aren't included here or on the official Emma website.

Can You Use an Electric Blanket with Emma?

It's safe to use electric blankets with foam mattresses, including the Emma mattress. Since it has more breathability than others, you're less likely to get sweaty. That's a good thing because, when it's cold, you don't want to sweat and lose more body heat.

Do You Have to Flip the Emma Mattress?

You don't have to flip your Emma mattress. In fact, the white cover with the Airgocell layer should always be on the top. Each layer has its own properties and benefits, and you need them all in that order to get the most from the mattress.

If you feel the need to ventilate the mattress periodically, you may turn it on its side for an hour or so. That way, the bottom can air out. Still, this isn't necessary because of the mattress's ability to breathe and let air flow through.

Should You Turn Your Emma Mattress?

It's a good idea to turn the mattress once a month for those first six months and then every three months after. When you do this, make sure that the cover and Airgocell layer remain on top. Rotate it 180 degrees so that the foot of the mattress is at the head. That way, it prevents body impressions from becoming permanent and extends the lifespan of your mattress.


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