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A Review Of Bedworks - Bed, Mattresses, Bedroom Furniture & More

If you're looking for a bed frame, sides, or mattress, the number one recommendation these days is Bedworks. They're making strides in their particular industry and seem like a great option. But do their services actually live up to their name? Often companies are built up so much so that the praise is unfounded and greatly exaggerated.



How can you, a customer, tell if a company is reliable or not? Customer reviews. It is an age-old check for even the biggest corporations. And today, we're going to tell you what the people are saying about Bedworks. Also check out our Emma Mattress review.

We have organized the following ten reviews by their star ratings. Starting from five-star reviews, we'll talk about why each customer felt the way they did and make our way through to 1-star reviews. Each review comes from a verified buyer. 

Read through them, and you'll figure out what to choose. 

Five Star Bedworks Reviews


"We were served by Sandip, who had excellent product knowledge about adjustable beds and mattresses. He is also a fantastic bed model and made everything look cozy and comfortable. Our bed just arrived, and it looks great!"


"Very happy. I have just received my new bed. Store staff were very helpful and delivered on time with plenty of notice. Delivery people were also friendly with good advise on how to unpack and look after bed fabric."

Both customers had an excellent experience with Bedworks. They did not need to make a return or warranty claim. Additionally, they said that the product they received was exactly as advertised. 

The common factor in these reviews is that they revolve around the employees at Bedworks, which is a great sign. If a company has quality products but poor workers, customers won't ever be able to make the most out of those goods. It is essential that they have the right people advising customers in their search for the right mattress and their installation process. 

Four Star Bedworks Reviews


"There was a good range of products, and the assistant was helpful in identifying the bed that met our needs. Delivery and assembly of the bed went smoothly. They were pleasant to deal with."

Nick J 

"Good selection of quality beds. Impartial advice regards brands. Fair pricing and great delivery. After 2 months on the new bed are backs are much happier. 

Have recommended bedworks to other friends.

Four-star reviewers are generally satisfied with their purchase. Impartial advice and helpful advice is a fantastic sign and means you will receive the best that Bedworks has to offer. Most of the people in this range don't give a specific reason for cutting a star. It could be that they weren't blown away or that they have very high standards. Either way, despite the reduction, making the purchase seems like a great option. 

Three Star Bedworks Reviews

Alana P 

"Love my new bed it's gorgeous! The store service was great. 

Be aware that the delivery drivers, even when organised, will overcharge. I had an agreed charge of $50 to set the bed up and take the rubbish. They wanted to charge $100. Plus rubbish removal. After agreeing to set the bed up for $50, they then refused to take the rubbish unless I paid an additional $50. Really disappointing and I felt like I had no option. They were in my house with only me and I felt uncomfortable."

While Alana did have a bad experience with the delivery section of Bedworks, the quality of their product was more important for her. Even so, this upset her enough to deduct two stars from the company. The issue is mainly a failure of communication and can be avoided. Don't let it keep you from getting a great bed. 


"I'm very happy with the mattress. I didn't realise that I had to wait for it to be made when I purchased it online. It wasn't specified, which was a bit disappointing."

Once again, we have a dissatisfied customer who doesn't have a problem with the product itself but rather the delivery system. If you're ordering online, don't expect a speedy delivery.  

Two Stars

Richard V 

"Very disappointed with the cost to pick up the old bed. I clearly explained IN DETAIL to the person on the phone that we had a trundle bed to collect, but then when the delivery team arrived, they refused to take the old bed without our paying an extra $160 over and above the original pick up quote."

Darren L

"They say next day delivery when you're paying for items. But it took 3 days to be delivered. And I'm only down the road from the warehouse location"

A recurring theme with dissatisfied customers is extra delivery charges and delays. There seems to be a lot of miscommunication in regards to costs for specific types of beds. So while this isn't something that should stop you from shopping at Bedworks, it does mean that you should double-check delivery pricing with the store after your purchase to avoid any unpleasantness.  

And it probably isn't a good idea to sell your mattress before you receive your new one. Doing so could leave you without one for a few nights. 

One star


"Website ordering and payment system complicated and clumsy. Telephone number does not answer. Just rings out. No way to get any answers."


"Do not buy online from Bedworks!!!"

Almost every single one-star review comes from customers who shopped online. So avoiding it would be best. 


Most of the concerns with Bedworks are related to their delivery system and not the product itself. So if all you care about is getting a quality bed, you should go ahead with your order. However, if you want quick delivery or an efficient e-store, Bedworks isn't for you. 

Reviewers with pleasant experiences tend to have shopped in person. As you go towards the one-star reviewers, customers have bought their beds and mattresses from an online store. And while this could be a coincidence, you should avoid the e-store just to be on the safe side. 

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