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Ready-Made Meals Delivery Service - Youfoodz Review

Food, and more so healthy eating, is essential for a fulfilling, successful life. However, even the best of us are often caught up trying to make a living that we neglect the quality of food we eat.

Try Youfoodz, and you'll no longer have to chow down on unhealthy meals, expensive take out, or greasy fast food!

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Youfoodz is arguably the best alternative for people who want a combination of ready-to-eat healthy meals, snacks, and juices delivered straight to their home. If you're too busy or don't have the skills to whip up a praise-worthy meal that leaves you filled and energized for the day, youfoodz might be the secret ingredient you need in your kitchen.

In this Youfoodz review article, we share what the service is about and whether food delivery is an option you should consider.

What is Youfoodz?

Youfoodz is a ready-made meals delivery service whose slogan is healthy meals made easy, and if any of the thousands of reviews are anything to go by, they live up to it. The company's range of meals not only focuses on healthy eating, but also on helping you hit your weight loss goals.

Their Weight Loss Refreshed package features fresh, delicious, and convenient portion-controlled meals, each nourishing you but keeping your caloric intake under 350.

But that's only half of the reason we love Youfoodz. The other half? That their meals are delivered fresh, not frozen. That means that by the time you are eating your portion, the food will still have much of its original flavor and taste.

What's on The Youfoodz Menu?

The company boasts three main menus:

Meals - these feature a mix of proteins, grains, and vegetables for a hearty meal that tastes like something mum would whip up for a family dinner. Not a meat fan? They have a limited choice of vegetarian meals and snacks.

Snacks - to boost your energy in between meals, you also get a wide selection of healthy snacks ranging from fruit & nut yoghurt protein bars to chocolate brownie bites and honey & macadamia cookies.

Drinks - to wash everything down, you have a refreshingly tasty range of healthy drinks and juices infused with ingredients like ginger, lemon, honey, and even activated charcoal.



Choosing My Youfoodz Order

Youfoodz understands that not all of us enjoy the same diet or have the same weight loss goals. As a result, the food delivery service allows you to choose meals depending on your dietary requirements and caloric intake.

Other than vegetarian, if you are allergic to certain ingredients, you can choose gluten, egg, dairy, or nut-free meals. You also get three calory filters, namely:

Clean - <350 calories for means and <175 for snacks

Balanced - 350 to 450 calories for meals and 175 to 250 for snacks

Relaxed - up to 500 and 250 calories for meals and snacks, respectively.

The filter choices are great as you get the best meals in the right portion size, especially if you're on a weight loss journey.

Youfoodz Unboxing

As mentioned before, Youfoodz ship their food fresh from the kitchen. But how do they ensure the food stays fresh for long?

The food comes in a weather-resistant cooler box that's 100% recyclable. The food is then wrapped in a bubble liner (can be dropped and recycled at a soft plastic recycling point in most supermarkets) and an ice-cold non-toxic gel liner that keeps the food cold but not freezing.

The food arrangement is pretty much neat, and all the meals are tightly sealed, so you'll never experience a messy unboxing/delivery.



7 meals for $55

How much does Youfoodz cost?

Looking to lose weight, build muscle, or eating healthier? Youfoodz claims it can create custom meal plans to match your personal goals, taste, budget, and lifestyle.

To get started, head over to their website and complete a quick survey.

As we gathered from multiple customer feedbacks, the cost for a 7-day meal plan for non-active people ranges between $131 and $204. For active users, the price varies between $133 and $287.

Youfoodz meal prices

Besides the meal plans, youfoodz offers individual meals to customize and buy only what you want or need. The average prices for each type of meal range between:

  • $4.95-$8.95 for breakfast
  • $9.95 for lunch or dinner
  • $6.95 for Sandwiches.
  • and $2.99-$4.95 for most Snacks

Is Next Day Delivery Available To My Area?

Not for all locations. Next day delivery option is only available to people who live within metro areas. You can check if next day delivery applies to your area here.

For the working mum or dad that still wants to feed their family healthy meals, the company has home delivery services in 3,000+ locations across the country—nevertheless, the delivery frequency changes depending on your location.

Customers in Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne receive orders straight to their door seven days a week. Perth, Adelaide, Canberra, and Gold Coast receive delivery three days a week, allocating each location-specific delivery day.

Farther flung areas, Newcastle, Melbourne Rural, Sunshine Coast, Central Coast, and others have two weekly deliveries. Some like Sydney Rural, Darwin, Cairns, Townsville, Mackay, and the Blue Mountains have one delivery every week.

In some places, you might get free delivery. Perth attracts a $20 shipping fee while the company charges $10 to deliver food in Cairns, Darwin, Border NSW, and Townsville.

What's The Shelflife of Youfoodz Meals?

The typical shelf life of meals is 7 to 9 days. However, that depends on the meal plan you order.

Youfoodz recommends that you consume anything with fish products within six days from the delivery date. But it's the fruits, salads, and sandwiches that should be first on your menu as the company recommends consuming them by day 5 of delivery.

The shelf life reduces by a day for areas like Adelaide and Perth, where delivery takes an extra day to arrive.

Where do I Order Youfoodz?

There are three main platforms that you can use to buy Youfoodz.

Youfoodz Website - I use Youfoodz every now and then, and I always find myself using the website to order meals. The layout, especially on the desktop, is easy to use and flip through a massive selection of meal plans.

Youfoodz App - this is my go-to when I am on the move. The app is free for both iPhone and Android users. The only thing you need to do is create your account, and you are good to go.

Physical Stores - with a presence in 4,000+ stores across Australia, there is no shortage of places where you can walk in and buy your healthy and delicious meals. IGA, Coles (and Coles express), Woolworths, 7Eleven, Night Owl, and Foodworks are some of the stores that stock Youfoodz products.

Can I Buy a Single Youfoodz Meal?

The company caps the minimum order spend at $49, which allows them to do contract-free home deliveries. That's a little more than you'd pay for their most expensive meals, so you'd have to order more than one item from their selection.

Compared to other ready-made meal delivery companies, Youfoodz has one of the lowest minimum spends. With a wide range of meals on their menu going for about $9 for meals, $3.50 for snacks, and $5 for drinks, you don't have to spend more for a decent breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snack!



best youfoodz dals

Can I Order Youfoodz for Friends and Family?

Youfoodz allows you to buy meals or snacks for your friends or family. They deliver the food directly to their door, so you don't have to worry about how they'll get their meals. Gift your friends or family a meal today – get them lunch, dinner, or breakfast from Youfoodz. Sharing meals is the best way to build family relationships and create memories.

Better yet, instead of ordering meals for them, you can purchase Youfoodz gift cards, share them with your loved ones, and let them decide which meal they want to try out.

YouFoods - Frequently Asked Questions

Are Youfoodz Meals Healthy?

Formulated by professional dieticians and chefs, Youfoodz meals are professionally made to fit in with the recommended amount of lean proteins, healthy fats, quality carbohydrates, and vegetables.

Is Youfoodz NDIS Approved?

Youfoodz is currently not NDIS Certified. However, they provide you with a payable invoice that is split up to align with your NDIS 80/20 split. You can forward the invoice to your care manager, or yourself o claim reimbursements.

Does Woolworths sell Youfoodz?

Woolworths now stocks a wide range of youfoodz products in their supermarkets nationwide. You can check if your favorite store has YF products here.

Can you lose weight on Youfoodz?

With 20+ portion-controlled meals under 350 calories, youfoodz will help you create healthy eating habits that will help you have a holistic and easy weight loss journey.

Is Youfoodz Worth The Money? Verdict.

Whether you are tired of cooking or just want a hassle-free lunch once in a while, Youfoodz will deliver it to your doorstep and leave you with a healthy meal that'll take you 2 minutes to prep.

For the money, flavor, and taste, it's one of Australia's best ready-made meal delivery services. Their wide variety of meals makes, and new additions/changes affected by 'what's in season' makes Youfoodz an excellent meal delivery option that you should try.


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