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Review Of My Muscle Chef - Meals, Service, Coupons & Discounts

Involving your family in food preparation is a fun thing to do, and it’s also a great way to teach kids about healthy eating habits. Unfortunately, with gruelling work shifts, more time spent commuting, and an abundance of after-work activities to do, there’s little time left to cook.


Australia’s Top-rated Meal Delivery Service

This explains the increasing popularity of My Muscle Chef meal delivery service. You don’t always have to go grocery shopping and prep meals – tasks that take time, and energy – things that most of us have a short supply of both.

But is my My muscle chef really worth it?

The main concern that repeatedly arises about readily cooked meals is that they don’t taste nice. This article covers this concern and every detail you need to know, so read on to see how the My Muscle Chef experience stacks up.

What Is My Muscle Chef

My Muscle Chef is Australia’s top-rated weekly subscription meal delivery service that aims to deliver meals that are healthy and have a lot of protein to health-conscious professionals.

Formed in 2013, they have become increasingly popular in recent years, providing a refreshing alternative to takeout. The food comes cooked and pre-portioned, so all you have to do is to set your table and enjoy your meal.

They have over 50 freshly prepared meals (on their website to choose from. While they cater to all customers with vegan, breakfast, and low carb options, they have mostly excelled at preparing high-protein delicious meals to keep your body going for longer.


  • It’s the best option if you don’t want to cook. There’s no chopping or prepping, cooking or cleaning up required!
  • Their packaging uses recyclable materials.
  • They have a variety of meal options well suited for Athletes, Fitness Enthusiasts, and Health Seekers.
  • Planning for your meals is really easy as you can clearly see the calorie, protein, carbohydrate, and fat intake in one glance.
  • Perfectly sized portions, so less food waste.


  • You have to spend at least $100 (delivery included) to simply try out the meals.
  • Some might consider the food portions smaller, especially those with intense workouts.
  • Not everyone loves frozen and microwaved food.
  • They only have a limited selection of Vegetarian & Vegan meals.
  • While they have a wide variety of meals, you’ll eventually repeat meals if you are in it for a long time. You may be disappointed about how often their menu changes.
  • If you have a larger family, it might be expensive as the cheapest serving $9.55. The amount per meal reduces when you add more meals to the basket/cart.


How Does It Work?

My Muscle Chef specializes in high-protein meals designed to help improve performance, build muscle, or take control of your diet. You can create your personalized meal plan from the menu builder, or you can choose from the meal plans or fixed sets. All the meals are made with fresh ingredients and delivered fresh to your doorstep.

Some of My Muscle Chef products can also be easily found in some supermarkets such as IGA and Harris Farms.


results from my muscle chef meals

My Muscle Chef Meal Plans

The meal plans are categorized into 3:

Muscle Gain

Bulking isn't about eating as much of everything you find. It's about feeding the muscle growth. 

Muscle Gain meals are designed to deliver the right nutrients required to build muscle and improve overall health. They are loaded with a diverse range of lean proteins, strategic carbs, and energy-boosting vegetables to help you gain mass muscle in a fast and healthy way. 


Mymusclechef performance meals are highly balanced diet meals for sports and fitness. 

The performance meal plans have been produced specially for sports and fitness. They have the perfect macronutrient balance of protein, fats & carbs to aid in endurance as well as repair muscle development post workouts. 

Calories Control

Aimed at supporting weight loss, this plan offers portion-controlled fresh and healthy meals that are all lower in calories but full of flavor.

*The meal plan is most effective when combined with regular exercise. 

Note: For all the categories, you have to choose your gender and work out the frequency before the website can sort of generating suitable meals. You then select the number of meals you want and swap out the ones you don't like. The result is an easily customizable meal plan suited to your fitness goals.

My Muscle Chef Fixed Sets

  • Low Carb Collection: Like the low carb pack, this meal collection is the perfect solution for anyone watching their carb intake. 
  • Summer Shred Pack: Made of lower-calorie meals, protein snacks & shakes in the Chef's Summer Shred Pack will get you in shape for summer in no time.
  • The Chef's Top Picks: If you are new to My Muscle Chef and unsure of what to choose, you can trust their Chef's selection of the tastiest and most healthy meals.
  • Couples Lunch & Dinner Pack: Dinner dates can always be easy, fun, and romantic! Save time and money on meal prep with the new and improved healthy lunches and dinners for two. No more grocery lists or dirty utensils
  • Keto-friendly Pack: Using the ketosis theory, the Keto-friendly Pack offers good fats and rich proteins that are easily converted into energy. This helps to limit your carb intake, which your body traditionally uses for energy. 
  • Low Carb Pack: Looking to achieve your weight loss goals? Light, fresh, and full of flavor, and with less than 20g of carbs per meal, the low carb meals are ideal for those looking to lower their blood sugar levels and manage weight loss.
  • High-Calorie Best Seller Pack: Made of 10 best selling MYMC meals, all with over 450 calories per serve, this selection is made of delicious high-calorie bulking meals to help you gain weight or put on muscle.
  • Vegan Booster Pack: If you are looking for a plant-based diet, the vegan meal fixed set offers a selection of vegan ready meals that can be delivered straight to your door. Their protein alternatives include falafel, tofu, and seitan, plus lentils, beans, and plenty of veggies.

Check out the fixed sets here

My Muscle Chef Meal Delivery Service Experience

How Does Their Food Taste

All I can say is WOW

You would think pre-cooked food tastes terrible, but My Muscle Chef meals could prove you wrong.

The consistent texture, taste, and food quality is pretty flavourful and warms pretty well on the microwave. Always follow the instructions on each meal - some meals require less heating, some require more. (I love steaming hot meals, so I always add about 20-30 seconds on top of what is recommended)

One meal that I really loved the most was the Chipotle Chicken Burrito Bowl. The ingredients were fresh, punchy, and deliver a nourishing perfect meal full of flavors. Delicious!

For the regular person, I think the portion sizes are very reasonable. I found myself feeling comfortably full and satisfied after each meal. This opinion might be different to bodybuilders or intense-workout enthusiasts.

Adding the Plus+ Meal Add-Ons increase the portion sizes significantly, and will definitely satisfy all, even those with the biggest appetites.



My Muscle Chef Pricing

The meals are very reasonably priced, between $9.55 – $11.40. It's important to note that there's a tiered saving system on all MyMuscle Chef orders. That is, the more meals you order, the lower the price per meal – definitely good value for money!

For instance, if you order 25+ meals, you get a 15% discount, which brings each meal's cost to about $8.11 per serving.

This competes well with other affordable prepared meal services such as YouFoodz.

I didn't quite like the $94.95 minimum order value, which makes you order at least 9 -10 meals to be delivered within each box. Considering you still have to pay for a delivery, which costs about $15-$20, they shouldn't be forcing someone to buy more meals, especially if they just want a sort of taking out for the weekend only.

Check delivery areas here to see if you're eligible to receive a My Muscle Chef delivery.

Some of the other additional products offered by My Muscle Chef include:

  • Plus+ (Meal Add-Ons) from $4.95 to $19.25.
  • Breakfast at $7.95
  • Snacks from $3.50 – $4.95
  • Protein Shakes at $4.95

My Muscle Chef Unboxing

One thing that I loved is how the meals are packaged. They do an excellent job making sure everything is cool and fresh until delivery using a makeshift cooler with a thermal liner and ice packs that keeps the meals fresh.

The meals are vacuum-sealed, making the meals look really good and making it easy for the meal to heat evenly when put in the oven.

The labelling and nutritional information make it easy for you to know exactly what you are eating.



My Muscle Chef Customer Service

Their ever responsive support team is easily reachable at They also quickly respond to queries, 6 days a week, through their Facebook or live chat. The average wait time might vary, but I found it pretty satisfying – about 5 minutes if it's during working hours (this is from my personal experience). You can also call them on their number 1300 364 993 .

We also analysed thousands of customers feedback across different platforms. One thing most people loved is how quickly their issues are resolved. Almost always, everybody who contacts support will have their issues resolved within 24 hours.

Cancellation Policy

You can only cancel orders within 24 hours of placing the order or the cut-off date. Any cancellation requests made afterward cannot be honored as the meals will already be prepared. You will be charged the full amount of the order.

Is my muscle Chef good for weight loss?

Yes! Their calorie control, low carb pack, and low carb collection are designed to reduce your calorie intake without sacrificing taste. 

The reduced-calorie meal plans are low in sugar, carbs, and fats. 

When effectively combined with exercises, you can be sure of a healthy weight loss journey.

How long do my muscle chef meals last?

Their meals have a refrigerated shelf life of about 7-10 days, or up to 12 weeks if you immediately put the meals in the freezer upon delivery.

Where are my muscle chef meals made?

The company operates from its headquarters in Yennora in Western Sydney and employs more than 320 staff. Today, their pre-made meals and protein snacks are available across 1500+ stockists across the country, including selected Coles, BP, Harris Farm, Caltex, IGA, Romeo's, FoodWorks, Drakes, and Cornett's stores. 

My Muscle Chef Vegan

There’s a range of 11 plant-based meals at the time of writing, which is a reasonable variety although not enough as I could easily see it getting boring and repetitive after a couple of months. 

Unfortunately, due to the use of a large commercial kitchen to prepare and cook all their meals, they cannot guarantee the absence of common allergens. The good thing is, they don’t hide this fact, and a disclaimer is published on almost all the pages.

Here’s the disclaimer from their website:

As we prep all our meals in bulk within a commercial kitchen, unfortunately, we cannot guarantee meals are Gluten Free/Dairy/Wheat/Crustacean Free.
If you have a serious allergy, it is advisable you do not purchase meals from My Muscle Chef Pty Ltd as we cannot guarantee the complete absence of these ingredients from our products.

Special Diets & Food Intolerance

My Muscle Chef does a good job of detailing all the ingredients for each meal on their website ahead of purchase. This includes highlighting any allergens as well as providing detailed nutritional information. With the information, it’s easy to decide on what meal would be suitable for you.

My Muscle Chef Subscriptions

There are different subscription options available, and you can cancel at any time:

One-Off Order: Order as you please – no subscription!

Weekly Subscription: You will receive 1 delivery per week on your allocated day, depending on your location.

Fortnightly Subscription: This. You will receive 1 delivery every second week on your allocated day, depending on your location.

Monthly Subscription: You will receive 1 delivery every fourth week on your allocated day, depending on your location.

The weekly, fortnightly, and monthly subscriptions act as an automated Direct Debit service. You will automatically be charged on the morning of the applicable cut-off date.

Is my muscle Chef good? Verdict.

Yes, you should try My Muscle Chef.

It is a good service and certainly cost-effective given the convenience and the variety of fresh ingredients used. While the meal delivery service might be better suited to those on the lighter side, those with bigger frames might have to supplement meals with calorie and carb-dense snacks.

The overall user experience is easy and friendly – from selecting the meals to order, delivery, and price.

My Muscle Chef stands out above the rest by offering incredibly delicious meals. However, we would like to see more meal varieties (especially plant-based). It'd be great if they could add a few more features to help people achieve their fitness goals.

I hope you enjoyed this My Muscle Chef review. If you have any questions and experience that you'd like to share about My Muscle Chef's, let me know through the comments below.

My Muscle Chef Discounts & Coupons

From time to time the service offers some great discounts. We will post them here, but you can also fine them on their website.




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