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Chefgood Review - Meals and Service

Like most meal delivery services, Chefgood offers a quick alternative to meal prep. You don't have to worry about deciding what to eat, tedious grocery shopping trips, or figuring out the right amount of calories and nutrients in your meals for healthy living.

"At Chefgood we don’t do boring, mass-produced and bland food. We are a restaurant style, meal delivery service that is always offering you something new and exciting – and delivering it right to your doorstep!"

Promising tasty restaurant-style, ready-made fresh meals is a bold offer that we all would like to experience. It’s a promise that has attracted thousands of Australians to give Chefgood a try.

But do they really deliver their promise?

In this Chefgood review article, we share what their meal service is all about, if it's something you should consider and whether we recommend chefgood for your next lunch and dinner. Let's get started:

What is Chefgood?

Chefgood is an Australian meal delivery service that offers gourmet restaurant-style meals that have been prepared with locally sourced ingredients and made by a team of professional Melbourne chefs.

If their statement and the thousands of reviews are anything to go by, it's safe and fair to say their meals are tasty, nutritionally balanced, and made of local ingredients, which means that the food is always fresh and seasonal.

Additionally, the nutritiously balanced meals make them the perfect option for everyday meals, weight loss, or an easy solution if you plan to have a busy day.


health meals prepared by Chefgood


  1. Chefgood operates like a restaurant and has a flexible menu that is changed weekly to break the monotony that comes with eating the same meals every week.
  2. Special diet category is not ignored, and that is why they have great options for vegans, vegetarians, dairy-free, and gluten-free diets.
  3. Whole food ingredients are used instead of processed ingredients to prepare the meals. Wholefood ingredients give the body all the nutrients it needs without any additives.
  4. Nutrition information is written on every meal package. This helps with keeping track of what you eat.
  5. Having Chefgood meals in stock saves you a lot of time when you are busy and don't have time for cooking. 
  6. The entire packaging materials are recyclable, which is good for the environment.


  1. With a large family, you may find Chefgood expensive, with the cheapest meal going for $9.95 
  2. Chefgood does not have a vast delivery network. This might be a disadvantage if you move to a location that's out of their reach.
  3. Not easy to customize meal plans. This is a setback for people who may want to customize the number of meals they want to order.
  4. Even though Chefgood offers no gluten and dairy-free products, an allergen-free environment is not guaranteed.

The Chefgood Difference

Here is why Chefgood claims to offer the very best healthy meal delivery services in Australia.

  • Fresh Meals - Chefgood meals are made from scratch by skilled Australian chefs who put so much into detail to give you nutritious and delicious food.
  • Calorie-controlled -The meals are calorie-controlled, taking away the hustle of gauging the calories in your meal portions.
  • No chemical processing - There are no added sugars which are used mostly in processed foods to help improve the taste
  • All-natural ingredients -Chef Good chefs prepare meals with fresh ingredients. No artificial additives or synthetics are used.
  • Fresh local produce -Produce available locally and in season are hand-selected to give you nutritious and tasty food.

Chefgood Meal Options

There are two main categories to work around and over 50 different meals to choose from every week.

Everyday Meal Plan

This is the standard meal plan. All the meals in this plan roughly contain about 450 - 500 calories per meal.

The food portions are considerably fair and fit in well with people looking for healthy meals to maintain their body weight.

While a selection of 50 meals seems like much, it actually isn't, especially if you'll be signing up for a weekly or monthly delivery. I tried swapping some of the lunch meals on their "favorite" 10 meals option, and I only had about 12 options to choose from. While the few replacements turned out to be good, it'd be great to see more different meals.

Weightloss/Slim& Trim/ Dietary Meal Plan

Meals in the weight loss plan contain about 350-400 calories per meal. There's really nothing special about them because they are the same meals as the Everyday Wellness meals - the only difference is in the portion sizes.

The Weightloss is sort of further broken down into subcategories targetted to specific dietary needs: 

  • Vegetarian.
  • Vegan.
  • No added gluten
  • No added dairy.


  • Since they use a commercial-type kitchen, Chefgood does not guarantee that vegan meals, and all meals, in general, are 100% free of Wheat, Gluten, Milk, Egg, Tree Nuts, Peanuts, Fish, Sesame, Soybean, and Lupin.
  • There are new meals added to the menu every week.
  • You can replace a meal from the suggested list of "permanent favorites' if you don't like it.
  • In all these categories, the meals are divided into 5,7,10,14, or 20 meals.
  • Breakfast and snacks are at an additional cost.

The Chefgood Meal Delivery Services Experience

How's Chefgood food?

Chefgood meals are delicious.

When you think of microwave foods and the whole reheating process, dull and unhealthy food comes to mind, which is not the case with Chefgood.

The visual representation of the foods on the site is beautiful, and even though they come to your doorstep in packaged containers, the taste is still intact, and the vibrance is not lost. I had the Chicken Stroganoff with mixed potatoes in one of my meal plans, and I really LOVED it! It has this intense savory flavor from the mushroom gravy, and the chicken is super tender. 


Chefgood offers affordable meals ranging from $9.95 to $11.5. Like with most meal delivery kits, Chefgood also has a tiered saving system. That is, the more you order, the more you get to save.

For instance, if you choose the 14 meals per week plan, you'll save about $1.1 per meal, 15.4 total, compared to the 5 meal option.

NOTE: The shipping fee is $12, which is just about the standard fee, even for other food delivery services.

Here is a quick breakdown of the value you get per selection.


5 meals; $11.9/meal- $59.5/week

7 meals; $11.7/meal$82/week

10 meals; $11.5/meal-$115/week

14 meals;$10.8/meal-$151/week

20 meals;$10.45/meal-$209/week


5 meals;$11.5/meal-$57.5/week


10 meals;$10.9/meal-$109/week

14 meals;$10.3/meal-$144/week

20 meals;$9.95/meal-$199/week

Order and delivery.

Chefgood has a super easy interface and a friendly subscription that allows you to cancel or pause your subscription at your convenience.

To make an order, first, search your postcode on their website to confirm that they deliver to your location.

Follow the steps below to make an order:

  • Select your meal plan
  • Select the number of meals you need
  • Add to Cart
  • Enter your order details
  • Order Now

If you'd like to have your food delivered between Saturday to Tuesday, you should place your order before the cut-off time on Wednesday.

If you are not around to pick your delivery, you don't need to worry as the box is thermally stable for 4-8 hours until you arrive. However, this depends on the temperatures, so I suggest you don't take too long before you get to your delivery.

If you change your delivery address, delivery time, or day, log in into your customer dashboard and make the changes before the Wednesday 11;30pm cut-off.

Customer Service

Chefgood's contact service team is superb in terms of detailed responses.

From my personal experience using chefgood, I found it convenient to contact them through their phone number as it is immediate compared to writing them an email.

They do reply, but from the hundreds of reviews that I read when writing this article, it could take anywhere before 3-24 hours before they can get back to you. (it took about 6 hours in my case before I decided to call them)

Their current active phone number is 1300 911 595, and they are available from Monday-Friday 7:30-5:30 pm Australian time.

If you prefer emails, contact them through the support hub (it's at the bottom of any page on their website) ~

Chefgood Packaging

Chefgood meals are delivered in environmentally friendly, recyclable cardboard boxes that contain a large ice pack to keep your meals fresh and cold. The boxes come with foil bubble liners that keep the cool temperature for at least 4-8 hours.

Recycling reduces pollution and sees to it that products are reused to the maximum. I love that the meal packaging comes in recyclable materials, and any service industry that thinks of the environment in its operations makes me happy.

The cardboard box, food tray, and cardboard sleeve can be disposed of just like you would in your regular recycling program. The foil liners, vacuum seal film, empty gel bags, and foil liners are recycled at the various soft plastic collection points.

You can empty the gel ice pack into your garden or mix it with a teaspoon of salt and empty it down the drain.

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Unboxing the Delivery.

The food comes packaged in a brightly colored box, lined with a thermal liner and ice pack, so your food stays fresh and cool until delivery.

The meals are chilled and vacuum-sealed. This makes the food heat evenly when reheated in the microwave.

You can check the nutrition information, ingredients used, and heating instructions on the food packages. I find this helpful because, because at times, you might end up overheating the meals and ruining the taste, quality and texture.

Chefgood Cancellation Process.

Chefgood is a convenient subscription service which means you can choose to cancel or pause your deliveries. You can do so by logging into your customer dashboard, click on 'manage subscriptions,' then either 'Cancel item' or 'Pause' Item till.' After which, you will receive a confirmation message.

Check that you do the cancellation process before Wednesday at 11:30 pm, the week before delivery.

How long do Chefgood meals last?

Most of the food can last for 7-9 days when refrigerated. The vacuum-sealed meal containers extend the shelf life of Chefgood meals without the need for any preservatives.

Is Chefgood suitable for muscle gain?

Muscle gain requires a lot of calories and protein for recovery and rebuilding of tissue. That said, the Chefgood Everyday Meal plan is definitely a good option for someone who is just starting, but if you are already in the intermediate or expert bodybuilder.

Verdict: Is My Chefgood Meal Delivery-Good?

With a team of professionals, chefgood meals are well thought out and put together by expert nutritionists and dietitians., and prepared by well-known chefs.

If you plan to have a lazy weekend after a hectic week, you can take a break from cooking and enjoy a well-deserved meal full of nutrients, thanks to their delicious meals.

Their food delivery experience is definitely commendable - from the easy-to-use interface, pricing, and delivery. I mostly loved how the important nutritional facts are highlighted, so you don't have to click on each meal for more info)

I would highly recommend them mostly to people who are looking to lose weight. If you are a bodybuilder or need more calories to get through the day, you might need to supplement the meals with snacks or fruits.

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