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What Are Super Greens?

 Adding super green foods to your diet can make you feel like you are superhuman and make you look like you are walking around in a 15 year old body when you have been on the planet for 90 years!
 If you want super strong bones, eat grass like a horse: And if you want to live a life without ever having a cold, drink chlorophyll. You do this buy drinking green super foods supplements and they are amazing.


Take Super Green Foods and Fly Around like Superman

Green super foods are dried vegetables or vegetable extracts made into a powder form. The power packed nutrients are condensed and concentrated in a single serving found in all green super foods powders.

 They all come with a one serving size scoop that you put in your water or juice to get your daily intake of fruits and vegetables. There are enormous nutritional health benefits these green super foods provide you with that are not even mentioned or promoted even when the brand is marketing the product.

Super greens contain grasses and vegetables that have extremely potent nutritional benefits. Grasses, seeds and algae’s almost always go completely overlooked in the standard diet. So, you never thought someone would pick up that seaweed that you saw on the beach to put in a drink you would love when you were on that last beach trip.

I was interested in green because I love their symbol of a little sun with the earth under it; but more than that, I was interested in the different types of grasses that are in the Amazing Grass Green Super Foods brand.

 The main ingredients in the greens are organic wheat grass, organic barley grass, organic alfalfa grass, organic spinach, organic spirulina, organic chlorella and organic broccoli.

 Before you decide which green super food product or products, if you are buying more than one, you need to consider the products nutrition information. The cover is what will grab your attention. Flip that can over. Read the back.


Can Super Greens Help With Weight Loss?


You Only Care About The Information If You Know It’s Benefits

 The nutritional information will only interest you if you are very knowledgeable about the ingredients and how well you know yourself. As I read off the ingredients, organic wheat grass or chlorella, you may be thinking you did not even know your body needed this alga out of the sea or swamp.

 Sure, you have low cholesterol, high energy or enough energy to get through the day. Everyone has nutritional gaps that are unnoticed. They subtly increase with age. You notice it when something goes wrong.

 The generous amount of grasses in the greens strengthens bones or decrease white blood cells if you should get any type of bone cancer, or Leukemia. Chlorella is a potent cancer fighter because it blocks the pesticides in the food you eat from getting into your blood, muscles and organs.

 Pesticides, hormones and antibiotics in the food you eat is what gives you a lethargic feeling. If the animal or plant was given antibiotics, you are taking antibiotics when consume the food.

Wheat grass is an antioxidant. All super green foods have antioxidants that are condensed and concentrated. You are thinking you are getting along just fine without taking wheatgrass, and besides that, it does not taste so great. Antioxidants protect the cells against premature aging.

 All prescription medications break down the cells. The better the prescription medication works for you, the more damage it does to your cells. You see the effects of the prescriptions when you have to start dying your hair or walking with a cane.

 All green super food’s labels advertise that their main objective when buying their product is to make sure you get enough sufficient nutrients. Getting enough nutrients is not always included in most people’s diet. On lunch break, most people go buy hamburgers, chilidogs or fried chicken: And those are foods that are completely healthy and nutritious although we were made to believe they are not.

 The only problem is that fruits and vegetables, nuts, seeds and grasses are nearly nonexistent in these foods. You will get a very little bit of vegetables in a taco.

 There are infinite green super foods products out there and all of them can have you feeling like you are superhuman. There are customer testimonies one after another saying after only a couple of weeks, they feel amazing. The more ingredients that are inside one container of the brand’s super food, the weaker the nutrient’s benefits are going to be.

 If your budget allows, you can buy several different types of super green foods or buy a more expensive brand, such as Athletic Greens.

No One Likes The Taste Of Grass - Veggies Are Not Always So Tasty Either

 Greens powders have recently changed. Many customers are saying their powder does not tastes good, and to be real honest, not many green super foods do not taste like an ice cream cone. It is very much like opening a capsule of any supplement and swallowing it. You are not going to be breaking open capsules for the grand taste. You can add lemon or artificial sweeteners to blend out the bitter tastes.

 A more preferred way is to put the super greens in pasta, yogurt, chocolate cake, smoothies, keto shakes, protein shakes, cookies, brownies, fruit juice, coffee, tacos and burgers: Unless you are eating full sugar ice cream for breakfast, and thickly frosted cake for lunch, your diet is probably fine, just add fruits and vegetables. We had been programmed to believe fried foods are bad for us. It is sugar that is bad for us.


How To Make A Green Smoothie With Curavita Green Boost Super Greens


Think Of The Visible Advantages

 So far, all of the advantages of the green super foods I told you about is how it affects the part of us that we cannot see. We know that everyone who started using super greens powders are amazed at the weight loss results they are seeing. There are a million other benefits to these super green foods that will keep you looking youthful and beautiful.

 Everyone who takes prescription drugs will show signs of aging before they should. The better the drugs work for you, the faster they will physically and internally age you. As I mentioned before, there are numerous unmentioned benefits in the super foods that contain seeds, grasses and algae’s. 

 Wheatgrass tightens up loose sagging skin. Wheat grass also speeds up the healing of wounds, insect bites, cuts, scratches and boils. It also suppresses the effects of radiation should you ever need X - Rays. The longer you take the wheatgrass, the stronger the protection of your cells should you ever  need prescriptions.

 In conclusion, super greens powders can bring you back to your youthful days when you were strong and healthy and vibrant. If you are there now, the super foods can enhance your energy levels, athletic performance, and give you great protection against the effects of any medical procedures should you need it.

 It is heavily advertised that super green foods can fill in the fruit and vegetable nutritional gaps in your diet. The magic is when the super foods fill in nutritional gaps from seeds, algae and grasses.



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