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The Ames Window - The Curiosity Show

So you might be wondering why I would post about a segment that was on the Curiosity Show. If you're over 35 and live in Australia, you surely will remember the Curiosity Show.

Complete with their 70's hair and vests, if you were any kind of nerd, it was a very cool show to watch at 4.30 pm when you got off the bus from school. They truly were pioneers in their field, and certainly sparked my interest in science and the human mind.

Only the other day someone posted on Facebook the Ames window episode. I remember watching the episode live and being completely freaked out. It seems it's still freaking people out to this day, and interestingly it was my American friends who really were amazed and thought it was just absolutely crazy. Apparently the Ames window, or at least the curiosity show was not available in the USA.

There are actually two episode, and they are both just as freaky as the other. Why am I posting this......? I think it's just a great example of how powerful our brains are at tricking us into believing. For me this is relevant to willpower and believe in your own abilities. We can use all this on our journey to better health and happiness! Be ready to be freaked out!

The Ames Window - Episode 1

The Ames Window - Episode 2

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