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A Review Of The NutriBullet Brand Of Blenders & Juicers

Single-serve blenders have recently become one of the most popular products for making smoothies on the go. One of the most remarkable things about these personal blenders is that they're much simpler to use than other blenders. Additionally, they're easier to store and carry, meaning you have everything for a great smoothie ready to go.

Nutribullet blenders have one of the most aggressive marketing plans among other personal blenders. However, they have proven to be one of the best options out there to make smoothies, salad dressings, soups, or sauces. In this review, we're going to go over the Nutribullet blender product list so that you can determine which one is better for your needs.



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What is NutriBullet?

In essence, Nutribullet is a brand that sells blenders. These blenders work efficiently for blending fruit, seeds, vegetables, or others into liquids (although they may also be used to crush ice). The main difference between a Nutribullet single-serve blender and a full-sized blender is that Nutribullets feature bullet-shaped blending cups.

To start blending with a Nutribullet personal blender, you must fill the cup with your food of choice, screw the cup on the unit, and turn it on. Depending on the Nutribullet blender you choose, the blending cups may vary from 600ml up to 1.3 liters. Additionally, Nutribullet features two stainless steel blades; one for hard foods and the other for liquids.

Nutribullet blenders do a great job at breaking down coffee beans, chia seeds, nuts, frozen fruits, and other dry ingredients that need thorough blending.

Finally, each Nutribullet product features a recipe book you can use to guide yourself and prepare an amazing smoothie.

How Many NutriBullet Blenders Are There?

There are several different Nutribullet blenders on the market today. Keep in mind Nutribullet offers both personal blenders and full-sized blenders, so you may choose the option you feel the most comfortable with. We're going to provide you with a full overview of the Nutribullet blender product list.

NutriBullet 600 Series

Also considered the "Original Nutribullet," the Nutribullet 600 was the first model to come into the market. Overall, this model works perfectly for most users, and it doesn't cost that much money. It comes with 600 watts of power, and while it's not much compared to other models, it's enough to blend most frozen fruit and other ingredients.

This little blender features a 511ml cup, a medium-sized pitcher, a comfort lip ring, and a user guide. In essence, the Nutribullet 600 offers the most basic blending experience for people, but it's still one of the most powerful products to prepare amazing smoothies.

NutriBullet 900 Series (or NutriBullet Pro)

Aside from the extra power, the Nutribullet 900 Series upgrades to a 909ml main cup and a 680ml cup for other blend types, meaning you can fit as many vegetables, fruits, or other ingredients as you want without any issues. The Nutribullet Pro comes with blades that spin at approximately 25,000 rpm, which is considered high-speed blending.

It's important to note that the Nutribullet 900 series is much louder than other models. If you don't mind the sound, the Nutribullet Pro can be an excellent choice to consider since it can blend anything. Additionally, it works perfectly for crushing ice thanks to its stainless steel blades.

NutriBullet 1000 Series

The Nutribullet 1000 smoothie blender is slightly more powerful than the 900 series. It features a 1000-watt power base and three different cups where you can fit your smoothies. If your goal is to get a blender that can manage most soft frozen smoothies or ice, this option may be perfect for you.

As with the 900 series, the Nutribullet 1000 series is loud, so keep that in mind before making your purchase.

NutriBullet 1200 Series

The 1200 series is almost identical to the 1000 series; the main difference is in the wattage of the power base. Generally speaking, the Nutribullet 1200 comes with two 900ml colossal cups that can fit most vegetables, fruits, nuts, and others. Additionally, Nutribullet claims this personal blender's stainless steel cup can keep your drinks in cool temperatures for up to eight hours.

Finally, this Nutribullet blender comes with a pulse function that automatically switches off the machine after "optimum extraction." In case you're looking for more blending power for your smoothies, this is a great choice.

NutriBullet Select 1000-1200

The "Select" Nutribullet blenders make the blending process a step further. Although they feature as much power as some of the previous models, they come with some extra features that can help you get anything blended in a nice, smooth way.

First, the Select 1000 features an easy-twist extractor blade that helps to extract nutrients from vegetables, nuts, fruit, and others. Additionally, the base comes with several versatility controls that allow you to control how you blend smoothies. This personal blender features a 900ml cup, a 700ml travel cup, and two flip-top lids for more comfort.

On the other hand, the Select 1200 comes with a bit more power to get some hard ingredients blended smoothly. In essence, you can mince, puree, or crush hard foods or ice. It also comes with several speed settings to ensure high-speed, continuous blending in every case. This single-serve blender features four different cups: A 900ml pitcher, a 900ml main cup, a 590ml travel cup, and a 700ml travel cup.

NutriBullet Balance

The Nutribullet Balance is one of the newest products from Nutribullet. One of the most remarkable features of this blender is that it comes with integrated Bluetooth connectivity, which allows you to track the nutritional value of some ingredients, choose a recipe book from your smartphone, and blend any smoothie type with ease.

Overall, the blender features a 1200w base, two colossal cups, two comfort lip rings, a nutrient extractor blade, two to-go lids, and manuals. The Nutribullet Balance comes with a slightly higher price tag, but it makes sense considering it gives you a much more modern way of tracking your smoothie's nutritional value and get that information sent to your phone instantly.



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NutriBullet RX

The Nutribullet RX is one of the most powerful single-serve blenders on this list. It features a 1700w base, three different containers, and an extensive recipe book. The greatest feature about the Nutribullet RX is that aside from making the smoothie of your choice, it can also prepare hot liquids, such as soups.

Thanks to the integrated heating function from the Nutribullet RX, you can easily pour hot ingredients and anything else you need, push on the blender's "Souperblast G" button, and get everything ready to drink. Additionally, you may take advantage of the product's SMART technology, which allows you to set everything up smoothly from anywhere you are.

NutriBullet Baby Bullet

If your goal is to prepare baby food easily, this product is the best choice you can take. While this Nutribullet blender only has a 200w motor, it works perfectly to blend most pre-cooked vegetables, fruits, and more.

This blender comes with six single-serve cups for the baby food, and it also features a recipe guide in case you need to prepare something specific. In essence, the Nutribullet Baby Bullet is a decent choice to prepare basic liquid food for your children without spending that much money. Keep in mind you may not use this Nutribullet product to crush ice.

NutriBullet Blender Combo

The Nutribullet Blender Combo is the product for those who are looking for a full blending experience. Thanks to its powerful, 1200w motor, you can turn anything into smooth liquid without much effort. In this case, you can easily switch from single-serve cups to a traditional blending jug.

You may change from three different speed settings, as well as use the blender's pulse function to ensure you're making the perfect smoothie. It's important to note that this blender doesn't perform as well for making nut butter or chopping carrots, but aside from that, this is a good blender that may fit most users' needs.



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NutriBullet Juicer

While every Nutribullet product so far has the capacity of preparing juice, it doesn't mean they all do a great job. Keep in mind that most Nutribullet blenders work better for preparing smoothies, almond milk, nut butters, and more. However, if you want to ensure you're getting all of the nutritional contents of a fruit (pulp, seeds, or skin), getting a juicer may be a better choice.

In this case, the Nutribullet Juicer can help you prepare any juice type you may need. If you want to prepare orange juice, simply place the orange inside the juice jug, wait for the machine to work, and enjoy your drink. In essence, this product can help you prepare your fruits and vegetables for juice drinks with minimal cutting.

Is NutriBullet the Same as Magic Bullet?

Nutribullet is mostly known for its "Nutribullet Series" products, although the brand has also created a variant called "Magic Bullet." In essence, the Magic Bullet blenders are more basic blenders aimed to prepare simple foods without spending that much money.

Some of the most popular Magic Bullet blenders include the following:

  • Original Magic Bullet
  • Magic Bullet Mini
  • Magic Bullet Kitchen Express

If you want to get a bit more serious with your weight loss plan or eating in general, the Nutribullet blenders may be the best option to buy online. On the other hand, if you want to save some money on your personal blender and prepare basic smoothies with ease, you may get the best deals from the Magic Bullet products.

Are NutriBullet Blenders Expensive?

Nutribullet products may or may not be expensive, depending on which model you're looking at. The most affordable Nutribullet blender starts at $89, while the most expensive one can go as high as $299.99. The more expensive the blender, the higher its build materials, power, and efficiency.

However, keep in mind that in some cases, getting the most expensive blender doesn't necessarily mean you're going to get the best experience. Make sure you review your needs and goals before making a purchase. If you're smart with the process, you're going to get the best deals for your blender without sacrificing the blending power you need.

Where Can You Purchase a NutriBullet Smoothie Blender?

Nutribullet products are available in most physical and online stores. Keep in mind that the products' availability may vary depending on where you currently live. If you want to ensure availability, it may be best for you to place your order directly from Nutribullet's official website. However, if you want to get the best deals, you may be on the lookout for TV shopping channels, online retailers, and other stores.

Which NutriBullet is Best?

It depends on what your goals are. As mentioned before, an expensive product doesn't necessarily mean it's better for you. We're going to provide you with an overview of what makes some Nutribullet products excel so that you can have a clearer idea of what fits your needs.

Best Option for Basic Blending

If you're looking for the most basic option for preparing a smoothie, the Nutribullet 600 series is the most affordable and powerful option you can take. While it doesn't have as many features as the other products, it does the job.

Best Option for Hard Ingredients

On the other hand, if your goal is to blend ice, nuts, and other ingredients with ease, the Nutribullet 900 series does a much better job than the 600 series. The price difference between the two products isn't that high, so if you're willing to spend a bit more cash, the 900 series is a good place to start.



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Most Affordable Option

People who only want a blender for themselves may benefit from the Magic Bullet products; these blenders are the most affordable on the list, and they do an amazing job at basic blending for most drinks. However, keep in mind these products don't have such a powerful motor or storage cup.

Best Option for General Blending

Nutribullet's Blender Combo is the right choice if you want to cover all blending areas without problems. This product works both as a personal blender and a traditional blender. Whether you're planning on pureeing your food, making a smoothie, or preparing delicious sauces, this is is a powerful product that may suit your needs.

Best Option for Power

The Nutribullet RX is the most powerful product on the list without a doubt. Its 1700w motor can blend anything you put into it, and it does a great job at leaving everything smooth. Additionally, if you want something to help you prepare soup, you may also set up the blender for that. However, keep in mind this is one of the most expensive options on the list, so it may not be for everyone's budget.

Best Option for Tracking Your Nutrition Goals

Finally, if your goal is to track everything you're consuming with your drinks, the Nutribullet Balance is the right choice to take. Thanks to its smart Bluetooth connectivity, you're going to be able to keep track of all the nutritional information you require from your favorite recipes; this is something you cannot do with other products.

Setting up the Nutribullet app on your smartphone is fairly easy, and it doesn't take more than a few minutes. As with the Nutribullet RX, this option may be a bit too expensive for some users.

Which Is Better: NutriBullet or Ninja?

Nutribullet and Ninja blenders often get compared by consumers since they work similarly. In essence, Nutribullet products offer more power than Ninja products, making them more appropriate for people who are looking to process most foods easily. On the other hand, most Nutribullet blenders feature travel lids and sealing lids to take your drinks on the go without having to worry about any spilling.

Finally, Nutribullet products are dishwasher-friendly, meaning you only need to twist off the blade from the base and clean it with soapy water.

In the case of Ninja blenders, they're popular due to their consistent results. Regardless of the ingredients you put in these blenders, you're likely going to end with a smooth, delicious drink each time. Additionally, Ninja features a lot of variety for its blenders, expanding the product selection for most users.

Ninja and Nutribullet are two of the most popular brands on the market today, and both of them feature similar benefits for users. In the end, you must purchase the product that you consider fits your goals the best.

Are NutriBullet Products Better than a Regular Blender?

The main difference between the two products is the blade design. A Nutribullet blender may be a better option if you're looking to make quick fruit/vegetable drinks without too much hassle. Keep in mind that a traditional blender may not be able to break down hard foods, depending on the model. If you want to ensure that your drink is as smooth as possible, Nutribullets may be a better choice. However, a regular blender typically offers much larger jugs.

Verdict - Is NutriBullet Worth It?

If you're looking for more versatility and flexibility in the kitchen, Nutribullets may be an excellent addition to get everything ready faster. These products do a good job at processing most small ingredients, regardless of whether they're soft or hard. Additionally, Nutribullets are BPA-Free, meaning you can use and clean them without any risks to your health.

Remember to make a smart purchasing decision and review all the different products until you find something you like and fits your budget.



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