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Nutribullet Blender Review

The Nutribullet is known as a personalized blender to make green smoothies; however, it is more than just that. This appliance is capable of making whip cream, salsa, almond milk, and more. The blades make it different from a typical blender because the blades are designed to extract the foods instead of blending them.

Extraction is different because it breaks down the food's skin and seeds, making the food smooth and silky most regular blenders cannot do that. There are multiple designs of the appliance, including NutriBullet 600w, NutriBullet 900w, NutriBullet 100w, Nutribullet 1200w, and Nutribulletrx.

NutriBullet 600w

This design has a motor base of 600 watts with the help of specialty for Nutrient Extraction blade can breakdown foods like green, berries, and nuts into a smooth beverage providing the body with most nutritionally dense food for optimal health in about 1 minute.

The appliance is excellent for making a green smoothie place greens in the cup first, then add fruit, and seeds or nuts last place blade on the cup and twist then place in the motor by lining it up with the grooves make sure the cup is locked then push down. Clean up is easy to place the cups in the dishwasher on the top rack and use soap and water to wash blades in the sink.


• 600-watt motor
• One tall cup 24 oz
• One short cup 18 oz
• Two comfort lip rings for each cup
• extractor blade
• mobile app
• 7 lbs.
• Warranty 1 Year

NutriBullet 900w

This design has a motor base of 900 watts does the exact same thing as the 600 watts does, but the motor has a higher speed providing the performance to be stronger than the 600 watts.

The 900 watts also come with a larger cup, so it is better to blend more volume of food than the 600 watts.


• 900-watt motor
• One tall cup 24 oz
• One colossal cup 32 oz
• One comfort lip ring with handle
• One lid with a flip-top for on the go
• extractor blade
• 8.82 lbs
• Warranty 1 Year
Australian nutribullet purchase

NutriBullet 100w

Just like the 600 watts and 900 watts, the primary functions are the same with the 1000 watts but comes in a more compact design. This upgrade comes with the cups and blades being restructured to make the use easier than previous designs. The blades now have an easier way to twist to attach to the cup.

This design is quieter than previous versions and has smart technology that the other two versions do not have. Another feature that sets this design apart is the fact that the customer can preprogram for what they are preparing.


• 1000-watt motor • extractor blade • 1 cup 24 oz • 1 cup 32 oz • Two lids with a flip-top for on the go • extractor blade • recipe book • 10 lbs. • Warranty 1 Year

NutriBullet 1200w

Much like the 1000 watt, the 1200 watt has the latest smart technology. However, the blade is designed with a cyclone action. Unlike the previous models, this one comes with a 64 oz. Pitcher giving the option to make enough for the whole family of the basic cups for a personal portion. The 1200 watt motor makes this design more powerful than the others.

This has the option of 3 different speeds to blend and has a pulse button to chop food easier.


• 1200-Watt motor
• 1 64-oz. pitcher
• 1 Lid
• One vented lid
• 1 32-oz. cup
• Two lids with a flip-top for on the go
• extractor blade
• 39.3-in cord
• Pulse button
• Three-speed
• Recipe book
• Warranty 1 Year

NutriBullet RX

This the top of the line of all the designs with a 1700 watt motor! This design has the same functions of grinding, chopping, and of course, blending, but it is the most powerful one on the market. It also has the smart technology installed, allowing the customer to pre program the appliance to make the drinks automatically.

• 1700-Watt motor
• 2 30 oz cups
• 2 Lids
• 1 45 oz. cup
• extractor blade
• Recipe book
• Warranty 1 Year

rx blender

The best way to choose which Nutribullet is best to purchase should be determined by the needs and desires of the customer. If that person is concerned solely to make a quick smoothie, then the 600 watts would meet their needs.

However, if the customer is looking for smart technology, the 1000 watt would be the right choice.
Although they all provide the primary function, every customer is different and need a design to fit their needs, the company has taken that into consideration and has provided varieties to meet those needs.
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