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Natures' Cure - Colloidal Silver History & Use

Colloidal Silver is something you won't know you need until you try it. It's time to call all health gurus to the table to taste that sweet silver.

This is a substance that contains microscopic particles of silver sprinkled throughout it. Usually, it pertains to be a mineral dietary supplement that are marketed as immune support.

is colloidal silver safe?

History Of Silver

Silver is not a recent trend. For more than 2000 years silver has been a natural remedy and tool for health. According to, silver is found in:

  • Edible and Medicinal mushrooms
  • Whole grains
  • Spring water
  • Mammalian milk
  • Sea water

The Romans and Greeks have used this mineral in numerous ways, that includes preserving food and water. Hippocrates, one of the most prominent figures in our history as the father of science, approved of silver as a beneficial matter.

In the first World War, silver's healing properties was utilized to heal injuries and infections of wounded soldiers. What is even more surprising is that in some cases, silver was used in the eyes of newborn to inhibit contagion.

Why Should You Use Natural Remedies

Needles are nobodies' friend. This includes the medical bills that arrives in your mailbox after staying in the hospital for only one night. Choosing to use natural remedies allows a certain amount of freedom that you know you need.

  • Natural remedies are more affordable than conventional medicine. Herbal medicines cut the costs you'd initially have with commercial medicine.
  • Choosing natural healing over prescription drugs will be better for your bodies' health.
  • If you ever looked on the back of any medicine bottle, there are so many side effects of it. Let's include hearing a medicine advertisement on television, where they mention so many side effects that it's speed up to keep you from hearing them all. If you are looking for fewer side effects, natural remedies is the way to go.
  • To get prescribed medicine, it takes an extensive amount of time. You have to schedule an appointment to see your personal doctor. Then wait a day or two to gain permission to obtain a perscribed medication at your local pharmacy. Nobody has time for that. As an alternative, just travel to your local grocery to get some natural options like collodial silver.

Benefits Of Structured Silver

Silver has the ability to eliminate antibacterial bacteria in your body. In fact, Mr. Larry C. Ford, recorded that during his time at UCLA Medical School, silver is a mini super star. It can kill 650 different types of bacteria that includes parasites and fungi.

What is more silver can assist in the treatment of wounds and other skin conditions. Specifically generating silver ions on the surface of infected wounds has been found effective in destroying the harmful bacteria, as well as regenerate skin tissue and bone. Individuals with conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, and burns have been known to seen great results from using silver.

Silver can be used to prevent viruses as protection against the worst cases. It stands as a wall against virus-provoking enzymes that operate against your airway. In addition, silver can be used for anti-inflammatory purposes in other words, decrease swelling in all areas of the body.

If you ever suffer from a cold, or allergies, silver has got you covered. Silver can come in the form of a nasal spray that skills bacteria that affects the respiratory system and can lead to more serious conditions like asthma. Silver has the ability to kill MRSA pathogen, Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, which is deemed extremely difficult to get rid of with normal antibiotics.

What if you were stranded? Stranded on a faraway island and all you had was a bottle of silver. You would use this silver to clean a bowl water from a river nearby. Specifically, two teaspoons of silver can purify up to a gallon of water. How cool is that?

Silver comes in many forms, so depending on what injury or condition you may have, you can still use silver. Silver is made in:

  • Mist nasal spray
  • Liquid bottle
  • Vertical spray
  • First aid gel

Silver Myths

What stories have you heard about silver? There is a myth that all types of silver have the ability to magically turn you blue or gray. Essentially, you turn into a Smurf, a small blue creature that resides in a mushroom for a house. Silly, isn't it?

A lot of people will spread around the misconception that the more you ingest this mineral, the healthy you will be. That is not only dangerous but extremely false. Never take more than the recommended dosage.

You may have even heard that best quality silver is yellow. Ladies and gentlemen, let's debunk this myth once and for all. The color of silver depends on how large the nano particle are. The higher the concentration the more the liquified silver will appear. As a matter of fact, the clearer the silver is (smaller nano particles),the easier it is for the body to absorb. Be careful about where you get your sources from.

What Will Silver Be To You

Now that you health gurus have heard it all, what is your take on silver? This mineral dietary supplementary has been used for years, dating back to when the Greeks and Romans were around. As a natural remedy, it is able to help you save money, get the medicine that you need at a much faster rate and is a positive alternative to medication with harmful side effects.

Moreover, Silver has the ability of healing numerous conditions that include wounds, viruses, and allergies. It is a very powerful tool, that you should get your hands on. However, when shopping for good quality silver, don't be strayed away by false claims. That being said, this type of silver can usher you to your greatest wealth, the health of your body for years to come.


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