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Inulin Powder - What Is Inulin & Where To Buy

Hi, my name is Mike, and this is Today we're going to talk about fiber. There's nothing sexier than pooping like a champion, but if you think that all fiber is created equal, you my friend are mistaken.


What Is Inulin

Pizazz. Today we're going to talk about inulin, what it is, where it's found, and why you should be careful about eating it. Inulin is a new factory made fiber that's secretly being added to everything. Everything. Is it safe or is it not?

Warning! Studies now show that eating too much inulin could actually cause you digestive problems like gas, bloating, and my favorite, diarrhea. So where exactly can you find this sneaky little fiber called inulin?

Watch out. Inulin is now being added to things like: cheese, cereal, meal replacement bars, granola bars, butter? Supplements, protein powders, yogurt, and you might be thinking to yourself, inulin, schmilulin.

Inulin Is Fibre

Hey what is this? What is this? It's fiber, schmiber. Look, look, fiber is fiber as long as I'm eating the required amount of fiber, I'm going to be healthy and things are just going to be okay, right? Wrong! See, there's two types of inulin fiber. Naturally occurring inulin can be found in things like: bananas, garlic, artichokes, and chicory root.

Unless you eat about 50 of these, natural inulin is safe, balanced, and impossible to overdose. On the other hand, factory made inulin, often added to processed and packaged foods, is very easy to overdose. Recent study by the American Dietetic Association discovered that even small quantities of inulin can cause gut and butt discomfort.

The number one symptom being crazy amounts of gas.   So what you're saying is that if I overeat inulin fiber I'm either going to be farting my brains out, pooping my brains out, or feel like there's a bunch of grumbling and bumbling in my stomach. Yes, friend. That's exactly what we're saying. So if you want to reduce or avoid eating factory made inulin, here's what you've got to do.

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Where Does Inulin Come From?

Before you buy anything, read the ingredients. Inulin comes in many disguises. Keep a lookout for things like, OliggoFiber, Chicory Root Fiber, Chicory Root Extract, OligoFructose, Oligo. FOS, Fructan, OliggoFructo-Sacharrides, Oligo Sacharride, Fibersure. Are you sure?

No, I'm Fibersure. If you want fiber, stick to the real thing. Fresh, whole foods, and if you have a digestive disorder, or you just have a sensitive stomach it's best to reduce or eliminate foods with added inulin all together. Your gut and your butt, will thank you for it, and most importantly remember no amount of fiber can fix a bad haircut.

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