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Hydrolyzed Collagen Supplements And Their Numerous Benefits

Collagen is a protein produced naturally by the body and is the protein found in the highest amounts. It is the main component found in muscles, tendons, skin, and ligaments. It helps in providing structural support in those parts of the body.

As time goes by and the body becomes old, the production of collagen slows down. From that, the skin and muscles start losing their elasticity, and they begin to wrinkle. As a result, people seek the collagen from the collagen supplements.

The supplements come in the form of powder, tablets, or capsules. Most of them go through the hydrolyzation process, which means that manufacturers break them down into peptides, which are easier for the body to absorb.

Experts suggest that if you are starting to take the supplements, you should begin with an 8-12 grams dosage. A standard dosage for people who have been using the supplements for a while is 2.5-10 grams a day. However, the dosage may vary according to the user.

The supplements have shown numerous health benefits to the users. Some of the benefits that hydrolyzed collagen offers are:

1. Improved Skin Health

The reduction of collagen levels in the body causes the skin to lose elasticity and wrinkle; the collagen supplements increase the collagen levels and bring back skin elasticity. They also help in hydrating dry skin.

The effects of reducing wrinkles and saggy skin come from the fact that they promote collagen production by the body. They also increase the production of other proteins by the body, such as fibrillin and elastin, which improve your skin's condition.

People who use supplements have also said that it helps prevent acne and other skin diseases and conditions.

A recent study showed that women who took collagen supplements for eight weeks experienced better skin elasticity than those who did not. Also, others who took beverages with collagen supplements experienced more skin hydration than those who took plain drinks.

2. Improves Joint Health

As you become older, your joints start losing their strength, which causes them to break down. The cartilage, which protects your joints starts weakening. You may also start experiencing some degenerative joint conditions.

Taking collagen supplements has proven to reverse or prevent the damage of the cartilage. It also prevents and gets rid of the degenerative joint conditions. Hydrolyzed collagen supplements also aid in relieving joint pains.

Research has shown that there are chances that the collagen supplement consumed accumulate in the joint cartilage and stimulate the tissues to produce collagen on their own. That can help in giving you better joint support and reduce inflammation and pain in your joints.

From a recent study, athletes who took collagen supplements for 70 days had a significant reduction in joint pain and were able to better engage in exercise than those who did not take the supplements.

3. Prevention Of Bone Loss

Collagen protein in the body makes up a large amount of the bone structure, and it aids in keeping them healthy. As the body's ability to produce collagen reduces, the bone structure weakens, exposing them to fractures and conditions like osteoporosis.

These collagen supplements also help increase body mineral density, which shows the density of minerals like calcium in the bones. High body mineral density helps in strengthening the bones and preventing fractures plus osteoporosis.

A study revealed that people who took calcium supplements combined with collagen supplements had stronger bones and higher bone mineral density than those who only took calcium supplements.

4. Boosting Muscle Mass

Muscle tissues have a composition of 1-10 % of collagen, and it helps keep the muscle healthy and functioning correctly. People who suffer from sarcopenia, which is muscle mass loss with age, said that collagen helped boost and grow their muscles.

These collagen supplements increase the production of proteins like creatine, which in turn activates muscles' growth. Recent research showed that people who exercised and took collagen supplements gained significantly more muscle mass than the people who just exercised.

Also, collagen supplements help in reducing the fat mass in the body.

5. Promoting Cardiac Health

Experts say that taking collagen supplements can significantly reduce the risk of getting cardiovascular diseases. Collagen helps improve the structure of your arteries, which would otherwise be weak and not carry blood as expected.

Narrow arteries may cause a condition called atherosclerosis, which may cause a heart attack or stroke. Collagen works by reducing the bad calories that clog the arteries and increasing the levels of good calories, which help mitigate heart-related conditions.

A study conducted recently showed that people who took collagen supplements had experienced less artery stiffness than when they did not take the supplements.

Additional Health Benefits

There are other health benefits that collagen supplements have, although there is not much research on them.

• Maintaining gut health- Some medical practitioners advise using collagen in the treatment of leaky gut syndrome or intestinal permeability.
• Hair and nail health- Using collagen supplements may help strengthen your nails by reducing their brittleness. Also, it could help in promoting hair and nail growth.
• Helps in weight loss- There are some beliefs that taking collagen supplements may increase your body metabolism, which results in healthy weight loss.
• Healthy brain- Collagen supplements may help in reducing anxiety problems and improving your mood.

There are several types of hydrolyzed collagen supplements, and it is best that you understand each one of them and what benefits they have. That will help you to get the results you expected when buying them these types are:

Type 1- This type of collagen supplements is the one that is the most in the human body. It helps in improving skin health and hydration.

Type 2- This type of collagen is mainly present in the joint and muscle cartilage. It helps in promoting and improving joint health and muscle mass.

Type 3- Aids in improving skin elasticity and improving skin health.

Type 5- promotes placenta growth in pregnant women.

Type 10- Also found in the cartilage. It assists in the development of bones and keeps them healthy.

Many of the collagen supplements will contain a mixture of some or all of the types. Understanding them and their functions make sure that you get 100% of the results you expected.

You must always consult your doctor before starting the use of these collagen supplements or increasing your dosage. Some of the significant side effects that you may experience after the use of the supplements include:

• Rashes.
• Diarrhea.
• A heavy feeling in the stomach.
• Bad taste and mouth odor.

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