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Australian Hemp Protein Powder Reviews

With Curavita in the planning and research stages of developing our own hemp protein powder brands, we thought we could put our research findings onto paper. By no means exhaustive, this is a review of our top 3 protein powders we've sampled on the Australian market so far.

The popularity of protein powder as a workout and general health supplement has certainly exploded in the last few years.

You could say the market is saturated, in particular, the  popular whey protein market with seemingly hundreds of brands now available in Australia. Gyms, and the bodybuilding community in particular endorse the consumption of protein as a bodybuilding aid, workout aid and recovery supplement. 


Why Protein Powders Are Used As A Supplement

To adequately build muscle, and also repair and recover muscle, you need adequate protein and carbohydrates in your system. 

In the past, and still now, soy products and egg whites are one of the sources  used. The essential amino acids for the body to synthesise protein is in abundance.

Whey protein and other forms of protein now generally take the place of these as it's easily consumed as a shake, can be flavoured and is simple to prepare and store, and relatively cost effective.

However as more and more exercise enthusiasts are reaping the benefits of a vegan diet, many now turn to plant based and vegan protein sources to supplement their protein needs. 

A relatively new kid on the block is hemp protein. 


Recently Legal In Australia

In 2017, hemp as a food source became legal with strict conditions. Hemp oil and protein powders for example to be legal as a food source need to have a THC level below 0.3%.

Since that legislation changed, there has to no ones surprise, and explosion in hemp food products in Australia. Below are our  reviews on some of the leasing hemp protein powders on the market.

Keep in mind, this is our opinion based on taste, packaging, and consumability. They are rated in no particular order:


  1. EM Wholefoods Hemp Protein Powder (in our store)

This hemp protein powder is from an Australia producer and has build a reputation as one of Australia’s leading hemp food producers. This protein powder is 100% Australian grown, and free of all contaminants and pesticides, and GMOs.

Gluten and dairy free, vegan and vegetarian. As with all hemp foods, it’s rich in essential amino acids and omega 3 fatty acids. 


The packaging of this product is appealing. Really simple in a black zip lock pouch and in particular the quality of the pouch material seems particularly sturdy.

It has the similar nutty taste that hemp protein powder is known for. In particular is seems to mix really well into shakes and the find powder does not clump like we’ve seen some others do before.

At $30.95 for 500 gms it’s great value. 



  1. Bulk Nutrients Hemp Protein

Bulk Nutrients have been around a long time and have a great reputation, so it’s now surprise that their hemp protein powder is of super high quality. It’s 100% organic and Australian grown, although we didn’t find a “certified organic” label on the packaging. 

hemp protein reviews


THey now have 2 flavours, and we only noticed this after sampling the raw protein powder. It’s pleasant enough, but is a little more bitter than some others, but does have a slightly nutty taste also. Therefore we would recommend this brand we used in a smoothie or shake or added to other dishes. They have a cool recipe recommendation section on their site and recommend dishes such as spread, protein balls, pizza bases, and cookies. 

We did notice one of the reviews mentioned some of the grains were a little larger (inconsistent) and we found this also.

The new chocolate flavoured product would certainly be one to try on it’s own.

This product comes in 1kg recyclable packaging, and is priced at $45. At this price you get more bang for your buck than some others.


  1. The Cannabis Company 100% Raw Hemp Protein

The Cannabis Company is somewhat unique as it only creates and manufactures cannabis and hemp products. 100% natural and organic, it’s certainly one of the hemp protein powders we recommend. The packaging is pretty cool also, with is coming in 500 gms or 1kg cardboard canisters.

It has a large number of 5 stars reviews.  Some reviewers have suggested it’s a bit tasteless, but in our experience unless the product has some flavouring it will be rather bland, but at least that’s a good indication it’s a pure product. 

cannabis company hemp

We sampled this with coconut water. It mixed really well and was very appealing with coconut water. 100% Australian made also is a big plus for us.


We tested 10 of Australia’s most popular hemp protein powders and these are our top 3 based on taste, Australia made, overall customer reviews (including service) and packaging. Get into them.


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