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A Review Of The EASI Food Delivery Service In Australia

Food delivery services have changed the world. Since they came into existence, people don't have to worry about their meals and groceries, even if they're very busy.

If you're too busy with all of life's hassle, you don't need to go to a restaurant to eat good food. With food delivery apps, you can solve all your problems.

Although the most popular food delivery platforms were greatly used, a new business appeared recently, and it's completely changed people's experience. Its name is Easi - read on to find out if it's worth it or not!

Easi Is Taking over the Delivery Business

Even though Easi started as a small business, the app is now one of the stronger competitors in the industry.

Easi is currently threatening Uber Eats' international impact because the app offers a great service, incredible food, and better rates for both drivers and restaurants.

The app has gained so much importance that merchants choose Easi because it offers the highest market share, especially for Chinese customers. It started in Australia, but nowadays, it's already beginning to work in Vancouver and other parts of Canada.

The History of Easi

No more than five years ago, a Melbournian worked as a driver for a food delivery service. One day, Jason Shen decided to sell his car and started what's known today as Easi, one of the best options to get incredible food delivered to wherever you are.

Jason mentions that he never thought about Easi growing so much. He only wanted to do Melbourne a good deed. Nowadays, the app competes with strong options such as Uber Eats!

Fresh Food and Attentive Customer Service? You got it!

If you're a customer and want to get great restaurant fresh food, groceries, flowers, or other similar items, you want to ensure that everything arrives with the best quality.

Additionally, you probably want different online payment options and a great team to answer any questions. You can get it all with Easi!

The app is incredibly popular, especially if you want Asian food. You can use Apple Pay, Union Pay, WeChat Pay, eat an amazing meal, and much more.

New users can enjoy Easi App just like any other person in Australia. Now, you don't have to spend a lot of money on delivery apps - with this one, you get an improved experience and a fantastic ordering system.

Just like other delviery services such as My Muscle Chef, Chefgood, Hello Fresh, and YouFoodz, it's all about convenience with EASI.


order food from EASI

Easi Uses a Comprehensive Restaurant Management System 

Easi expanded internationally due to many reasons. People worried about spending more money on the delivery service than on food, which is something Mr. Shen thought about when designing the app!

Now that it has around a million users, the latest Easi update offers everything from Italian cuisines and Asian food to all your favourite restaurants to please your taste buds.

Even though popular food delivery apps have an interesting approach, Easi offers a user-friendly UI, performance improvements, fixed bugs, and an easier life for all customers who use it. You can enjoy authentic Asian food!

What Do People Say about Easi?

If customers choose Easi, there should be a reason. At the end of the day, any other Melbourne delivery service could bring food to where you are.

Consumers love the app because they can find food from their favourite national brands delivered to their doorstep. Additionally, you get discounts added every day, and many users receive free delivery!

With a dedicated local service team, each time you use the app to order, you get great drivers to deliver groceries, bubble tea, or meals from your favourite restaurant.

How Much Is Easi Delivery?

Since Easi was born, Mr. Shen focused on making it a good option for restaurants and drivers. Therefore, it offers much better deals than other options on the market.

Easi delivers food from different places across the world, and only takes a commission of 15 to 25 percent from restaurants. Drivers, on the other hand, get paid $5 per 1km and $1.20 per extra kilometer.

Who Owns Easi Delivery?

The app is still owned by its creator, Mr. Shen, who is happy to proudly explain where his idea came from. Thanks to him, now everyone can provide dessert to their loved ones at a fair price!

Even though Easi started by only offering food from Asian restaurants, it has expanded so much that now customers receive exclusive promotions, take advantage of the discounts added every day, can provide feedback, enjoy authentic food, and if they require support, they can also ask for it! You just have to kindly contact the app team, and they can help you!

What Benefits Easi Gives You

Chinese consumers are not the only ones who can demand delivery services of top quality. If you're in Australia or some other parts of the world, you can also enjoy new discounts and everything Easi has to offer.

The app lets you reserve a table to eat in your favourite Melbourne restaurant, takes care of the delivery of any meal you want, or allows you to pick up your food. Plus, it now offers incredible travel options to take you all over Australia!

Easi Also Gives You Opportunities to Be a Part of the Family

If you want to be a part of the Easi family, you can get good opportunities to do so! You can be a restaurant partner or regular partner or delivery driver.

To be a part of the Easi staff, all you need to do is contact the staff and apply. You should get their response quickly, so all you need to do is sit and wait for it.

What Is the Best Food Delivery Service in Malaysia?

The most popular food delivery service in Malaysia and many Asian countries is FoodPanda. However, Easi has gained popularity as well due to its amazing features.

The Asian population is not easy to take over, especially if you own a food delivery service. Nonetheless, Easi already works in Malaysia and its next goal is working in Singapore.

Is Easi Chinese?

Considering that Easi works with incredible Chinese restaurants, you might wonder if the app is from that country.

Easi is an Australian-based application, and it has recently expanded to Malaysia. Even though it offers Chinese food, you can also get Italian cuisine and many other meals.

The application was created to make your life easier. With it, you can get different types of food you never forget while also benefitting the people who bring it to you.

Easi - Final Verdict

Mr. Shen created Easi to bring something different to the life of each Melbourne inhabitant who wanted good food delivered at their doorstep. However, he also thought about the delivery drivers and the restaurants, which is why the application benefits them as well.

With innovative technology, Easi works with a convenient escape key, default values, a close modal dialog end, a modal window, settings for dialog captions, and much more.

Your life can change if you use Easi to get all the meals you want. Fresh ingredients, amazing customer service, and a great experience are some of the things you can get!

Easi is an Australian application that delivers meals, works with pick-up services, and is now implementing traveling options. You can get it, use it, and enjoy all its features!

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