The Different Forms Of Colloidal Silver

August 06, 2020 5 min read

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Silver has some interesting properties in the body, and many people are interested in its purported health benefits. What is certain is that silver particles can destroy certain types of bacteria, so there may be benefits for the body in case of infection.

The effectiveness of colloidal silver is determined by the surface area of the silver particles. There are many different products sold as colloidal silver, but they are not all equivalent. The differing surface areas of the three products sold as silver primarily differ, and so does their effectiveness as a result.

If you are interested in silver, then it is important to understand some of the science behind it. The use of improper silver products can lead to a skin condition called agyria. This is where silver concentrations build up in the body, and your skin takes on a blue tint to it. Using the right type of colloidal silver eliminates the possibility of this to occur by increasing the particle size and the surface area.


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Different Types of Silver

Each of the following products is commonly sold as silver, but they are not the same. It is possible to figure out which one you have on hand by testing it the right way.

Read on to learn about each of the types of products on, and colloidal silver, and their various characteristics. Learned this information so you can distinguish between genuine Silver colloids and imposters. Once you are familiar with the various forms, it is not too difficult to differentiate them from each other.


Natures' Cure - Colloidal Silver History & Use

Ionic Silver Solutions

90% of the silver that is in these products is in the form of ions. While there are some benefits to silver ions, most of the benefits come from particles and not from ions. There is a big difference between ions and colloids. Colloids are particles and have different effects on the body than ions.

These silver solutions will often either be clear or have a slight yellow tint. This is the way you can tell if the silver present in the solution is in its ionic or colloidal form. Carolines are large enough to absorb light and reflect it to you. This gives the solution a very obvious hue of color.

If the solution you have is not any color, but rather it is clear, you are handling an ionic silver product. Most of the silver sold in the industry is sold in its ionic form regardless of the label. All silver made with equipment at home is going to be the ionic form. Producing true silver colloids requires expensive equipment to manufacture.

True Colloidal Silver


Manufacturing true silver kills the lights is inexpensive and requires special equipment. Those factors reduce the supply of these types of products. They are the least common on the market but also offer the most benefits. It is possible to find high-quality silver cool lights, but you need to know what to look for. True silver Cowboys have a much larger surface area than any of the other forms of silver sold.

The surface area is the primary determinant of the effectiveness of the solution. What makes silver colloidal solutions special is that 50% of the silver present in the solution is in the form of particles in non-ions. Particles have much larger surface areas and are the ingredients that per confer the primary health benefits of this supplement. You can tell that your solution contains true silver coal Lloyds if it appears to be darker, the higher the concentration goes.

This is because the particles of silver are large enough to capture and absorb light, affecting the solution's color. Ingesting silver Kolors is known to kill certain types of bacteria.

This can potentially be beneficial in treating various types of conditions. One concern many people have with the ingestion of silver products is developing a rare skin condition called argyria. This is where the silver you in just deposits into your skin and leaves your skin a new color with a hint of blue to it.

Silver Protein


Silver protein colloids are also commonly sold as a true silver colloid, but there is a very large difference. Silver approaching the ones are silver particles found in a protein binder that helps keep it dissolved in the solution. Without the protein to bind it, then the particle size is too large to dissolve.

Ultimately, this type of silver does not end up getting absorbed by the body because of the excessively large particle size. Consuming too much of this type of silver product can be dangerous. Silver protein colloids are also commonly sold as true silver Cohens, but there is a very large difference. Silver proteins the ones are silver particles found to a protein finder that helps to keep it dissolved in the solution.

Without the protein to bind it, then the particle size is too large to design. Ultimately, this type of silver does not end up getting absorbed by the body because of the excessively large particle size. Consuming too much of this type of silver product can be dangerous. The labels will often claim very high concentrations of colloidal silver, with some as high as 20,000 ppm. It is impossible to get a true silver colloid concentration of that strength.

You can determine if you are looking at a silver protein colloid instead of a silver colloid to look at the color of the solution. If the solution is either a dark amber or almost black, then it is likely the silver protein colloid and not a silver colloid solution. And the concentration of a silver protein solution increases the color of the solution will get correspondingly darker until it is nearly pitch black.



Nearly all silver products have some health benefits associated with their use, but the best will always be from true Silver colloids. Remember that the effectiveness of a silver product is determined by the total surface area present in the solution's concentration. True silver colloids have the largest surface area by a wide margin and also contain the highest proportion of silver particles versus silver ions.

Silver ions are not able to do the same job in the body as silver colloids. If you are looking at all of the different product options available, memorize the different ways you can differentiate the different forms of silver from each other listed above. These guidelines will help you ensure that the product you ultimately select works effectively.

You do not want to take a chance and wind up developing blue skin because you had a silver colloid product that was advertised as containing true silver colloids when it does not.


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