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Celery Juice - The Benefits Of Drinking It Everyday

Celery Juice has become really popular in the last year or so. Here is a video explaining it in a little more detail!


Starting the Day With Celery Juice

Hey guys. So, if you follow me on Instagram, you probably see that every single morning I start my day off with celery juice. 16 ounces, every day, on an empty stomach. It's good for anxiety, stress, digestion, gut health, skin. Come here.

Celery juice and Louise, every morning. And I've noticed that this whole celery juice thing is spreading far and wide. More and more people are doing it. I even saw that Kim Kardashian hopped on the celery juice train. Also, before getting into my full experience, #notsponsored, but if you want to get into juicing and you don't want to spend like $200 on a juicer, I got mine for $50.

So, yeah, if you want a really inexpensive juicer that works really well, mine is linked down below. Not sponsored, just putting it out there in case you want to try juicing and don't want to drop a bunch of money.

Health Benefits

Okay, so some health benefits of celery or green juice powder that I can think of off the top of my head. Gut health. Digestion. Managing stress levels. Brain fog. Your skin. Managing weight loss. There's so many things I can't even list them all to be honest.


the benefits of celery as a juice


Again, follow Medical Medium, he'll know all of the things. I am not a pro. I just know what I've experienced and what I have experienced is I've definitely noticed it helping with digestion. Everybody, you're supposed to drink it on an empty stomach. That is when it is really beneficial, and it's not like a meal replacement thing.

Don't skip out on breakfast because you had celery juice. Just drink celery juice first and then wait like 15 minutes to 30 minutes before you actually eat. As soon as you get up, do it, because after about 30 minutes you got to go to the bathroom, which, that does help with your weight loss because if your intestines are all clear, it's going to make it so it's much easier for you to digest your food throughout the day. It's definitely a natural detox which helps with weight loss, which helps with gut health, and gut health, they actually say your gut is your second brain.

They say you have two brains, the one in your head and the one in your gut because your gut is actually where the majority of your serotonin, the happy hormone, is produced. So it helps keep your gut alkalined and regulates your hormones, so this is also going to help keep you level, help manage your stress. I will say, I live off of two things to help manage my stress. My CBD oil, which is number one, and celery juice has been a definite helping hand in that as well. Celery juice and CBD oil have changed my life.

Daily, take it daily. It's a good thing. P.S. A video on my CBD experience will be coming soon, so stay tuned for that. I will link the CBD down below as well. I have a discount code for the one that I use. Swear by it. The best.

Natural Energy

Celery juice also gives you natural energy, so you'll drink your celery juice and then you'll notice, like, "Wow, this feels better than coffee." I have multiple friends who have border line/full-on coffee addictions who have tried celery juice and it's the easier thing for them to not have coffee when they have the celery juice, because that's like the replacement of pure, good energy opposed to the coffee, which is not necessarily the most healthy form of getting your energy.

Another huge benefit that I've seen from the celery juice is brain fog. It helps take away brain fog. You think so much more clearer when you have it. And let me tell you, as someone who has ADHD, that is a huge one. Having that cleared really makes it a lot easier to focus, so that is a huge, huge win for me with ADHD. I've noticed that my skin, just in general, feels a bit more moisturized naturally, less dry, a little bit more bounce to it, so that's good, keeping me young.

Reduces Bloating

Another thing it helps with is bloating which is kind of hand-in-hand with digestion. But I have noticed that when I take the celery juice every day on a regular basis, I'm way less bloated/not bloated at all. My pants aren't super tight which is great, preferable actually. And to be honest, I think those are the main things that I've noticed in myself, which are amazing, great things.


Feeling more clear-headed, having energy, having my skin feel better, less bloating, regular bowel movements. If you have Irritable Bowel Syndrome this is great for that. Also, common questions that I get: how does it taste? In my opinion, it doesn't taste bad. Everyone always asks me that, but no, it doesn't taste bad. Sometimes, occasionally, you will get a batch of celery that's just like really potent-tasting and a little strong.

But from my experience, the majority of the celery that I juice tastes very mild. I tend to get mine from Trader Joe's. I feel that they have the best deals. You get two little bunches of celery in a bag for $1,79. Super inexpensive.

Okay. Camera shut off and I fixed the lighting. But that's okay. Anyway, as I was saying, I tend to get my celery juice from Trader Joe's, or, if you go to a different grocery store, you can get the longer, bigger bunches of celery and that's about one juicing session's worth of celery. And, pro tip, I like to get about a week's worth of celery at a time, just so it's stocked up.

Can You Mix Other Juices With Celery?

I also get asked a lot if you can mix other things in with the celery juice, and after looking into the Medical Medium's posts, you are not supposed to mix anything else with it. When you mix something else with the celery juice, then that completely changes the benefits. It's not that it's bad for you. It's still is going to be good for you, but celery juice by itself has a specific purpose and does specific things.

But I think those are the main questions I get asked, and the main things and benefits that I've experienced for myself. It is supposed to also help with a lot of like mysterious, chronic illness symptoms. Like a lot of people have had these weird things going on in their body or with their skin or with their health, and the Medical Medium has been able to suggest this to those people and their issues clear up, which is crazy.

If you go to his Instagram, he has so many testimonials on how it has helped people in different ways. So, yeah, I'm so happy that I came across all of this whole celery juice ordeal and started doing it myself because it's definitely something that I'm going to continue on doing. But, with that being said, I should probably wrap this video up. Again, if you want to get into juicing and you don't have a juicer, I got mine for 50 bucks, super inexpensive, I'll link it down below. If you have any questions, feel free to leave them down in the comments.

I will do my best to answer them. I am not the pro here, though, I'm just someone who's experienced it myself. That is all I have for you today. I hope you enjoyed this video. I hope it was helpful, and I will see you soon with a new one. Bye, guys.

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