Our Goal - To Create The Tastiest & Healthiest Supergreen Juice On The Australian Market

Our Goal - To Create The Tastiest & Healthiest Supergreen Juice On The Australian Market

When we started out on our journey to create a super green juice for Aussies, we not only wanted to create a juice that had all the benefits of the best juices on the planet, but also wanted it to taste amazing......simple right?


Now obviously taste is subjective, and each person has different likes and dislikes.

So to accomplish this, we simply focused on these two things.....taste, and health benefits.

First, though:

Why Did We Add Tumeric To Our Super Green Powder?

Surely that wouldn't help the taste?


Creating The Best Tasting Super Green Juice

We sampled many of the other super green products on the market. While many were palatable, some were down right nasty.  It's no good having a healthy product if it's difficult to drink. So this became a priority.

As we were just starting out, we literally started blending ingredients on the kitchen bench. At one point we had so many different blended samples going at once that we got them all mixed up and had to start again. We ended up with 3 blends out of about 50 that we created.

Then we started the process of asking anyone who was game to taste test the samples. Everyone from the Coles delivery man, to my mother in law (even the family dog......not kidding but a whole other story) to narrow down the 3 blends to 1.

Over the period of about a month over 200 people sampled the blends and at the end of that there was a clear winner.

That clear winner is now Curavita Green Boost.

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Creating A Super Healthy Drink

Not only did it need to taste great, but we wanted every ingredient, bar none, to have the super health benefits we were after. In combination, Curavita Green Boost can help you live a healthier, more energetic life.


Our Ingredients & Their Benefits


Organic Wheatgrass

The benefits of wheat grass have been known for millennia, and it's no suprise that this was on the top of out list when we started blending. Studies have shown it may reduce cholesterol, kill cancer cells, aid blood sugar regulation and alleviate inflammation.

Organic Matcha Green Tea

Green tea is another ingredient that is proven to be beneficial to our health. Full of vitamins and minerals including vitamin C, selenium, chromium, zinc and magnesium. Can boost metabolism and burns calories.

Organic Lemon

Packed full of vitamin C and flavonoids this humble fruit has strong antioxidant properties. They have been known to improve hearth health, weight loss, prevent kidney stones, can help fight infections, and treat indigestion,

Organic Coconut Water

There is plenty of hype around coconut water at the moment and it's not without good reason. Full of digestible carbohydrates and electrolytes, it provides 100% natural energy, and supplements calcium, potassium, magnesium, and sodium electrolytes.

Organic Celery

If you're into looking after your body you certainly would of heard about the celery fasting diet. Again, it's not without reason. There are 1000's of testimonials online about the gains people have achieved by consuming celery juice.Full of essential minerals such as calcium, manganese and iron. Promotes red blood cell formation and bone health.

Organic Stevia

This little beauty not only provides a natural sweetener, but it has health benefits too! Known to be a anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory and helps high blood pressure, and high blood pressure / insulin resistance.

Organic Spinach

Just like Popeye, we all become a little stronger with Spinach in out life. For 1000's of years it's been know for it's health benefits. Promotes bone health and red blood cell formation.

Organic Spirulina.

An anit-inflammatory and anti-oxidant, this little known plant is high in B1, B2, and B3. A source of tryptophan, amino acids, it is packed full of other nutrients that help lower cholesterol, and has a positive effect on blood lipids.

inulin as a health supplement

Organic Inulin

Pre-biotic that increases good bacteria which produce acetic acid and lactic acid, which lowers the pH of the colon and prevents the growth of bad bacteria in the gut.

Organic Natural Vanilla

Has anti-bacterial properties, helps digestion, anxiety, and is surprisingly great for your hair. Also known to be a mental health booster and cholesterol stabilizer.

Organic Tumeric

Contains bioactive compounds with powerful medicinal properties including curcuminoids. Curcumin is an anti-inflammatory, boosts brain derived neurotrophic factor, known to improve mental health and delay ageing. Studies suggest it may help prevent cancer.

Organic Black Pepper

Greatly improves the absorption of curcuminoids in Tumeric. Can stimulate digestion, may enable weight loss, can improve skin and can reduce blood pressure.

The End Product

So after exhaustive sample and testing, and researching the health benefits of all the ingredients (we looked at over 40), we have settled on 12 amazing superfoods that when combined, have resulted in the tastiest and one of the most healthiest supergreen juices on the Australian market!




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