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How To Cure A Hangover

Taking alcohol always causes some effects on the body; you are likely to experience muscle pain, nausea, headache, or diarrhea. Having hangover comes as a result of drinking. Some of the effects of drinking include; having low blood sugar, inability to sleep well, inflammation of the stomach, and dehydration.

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To feel the effects of a hangover, the alcohol content in the blood must reduce or go to zero levels.

Hangovers don't have a known cure, but there are several home remedies and products that you can use to reduce the alcohol effects on the body. We are going to look at both home remedies and products which you can buy to help you manage hangover problems and get back to your productive health.

Drink a Lot of Water

When you drink alcohol, a hormone is known as vasopressin, which helps the body decrease the amount of urine it produces is interfered with. This increases the amount of urine, resulting in dehydration. Also, if you vomit or sweat when having a hangover, your body loses fluids. Drinking water reduces dehydration and helps with hormonal imbalance problems. You can take a sports drink or water between alcohol, before bed, or after you start having hangover effects

Eat To Boost Carbohydrates Level

One of the effects of a hangover is having a low sugar level. Eating foods rich in carbohydrates is helpful when you want to reduce hangover. Carbohydrates are the best source of natural sugars. Enough sugars in the blood help reduce the after-effects of alcohol.

Alcohol works by increasing the levels of lactic acid in the body, leading to a drop in blood sugar level. The low blood sugar level is what causes headaches or fatigue. You can always form a habit of not drinking on an empty stomach so that alcohol finds you with already processed sugars.

Take Foods with High Antioxidants

Alcohol causes oxidation, which leads to the body producing free radicals that can damage tissues and organs, like heart problems or cancer. Antioxidants help slow this process making the hangover disappear. You can take foods such as grapes, berries, spinach, carrots, and chocolates for oxidation purposes.

Avoid Taking Dark-Colored Alcohol

Dark-colored alcohol like tequila has adverse effects of a hangover if you compare it to vodka, which is clear alcohol. Liquors that are dark in color contain methanol, which is a chemical that is much toxic than ethanol. This is the main compound in most alcoholic contents that can increase hangover effects.

Drink Tea or Coffee

You always feel tired after taking alcohol. By taking stimulants such as tea or coffee, you will feel better and overcome the hangover. It's advisable to use coffee because of its stimulating benefits, but you must know that it is diuretic. Green or black tea is good antioxidant; drinking them will help you reduce the effects of alcohol.

Take Some More Alcohol

A glass or two can help you ease the effects of a hangover. This is helpful when you are trying to withdraw from alcohol. The taking alcohol method doesn't help much because it just extends the impact of alcohol on the body. Don't take too much of it because you will just delay the hangover effects.

Use Medication

There are medications you can buy over the counter to help you manage hangover after a day of overindulgence. You can take pain relievers such as aspirin or brufen. Always be cautious when taking anti-inflammatory drugs because they can add further complications like ulcers of the stomach when you overuse.

Here are other medical products that can help with your hangover.

• Using anti-acids to help solve nausea and indigestion can also help you when you have stomach problems after drinking.
• Use multivitamin herbal supplements like flyby, a pill that you can get in any outlet in Australian stores. You are supposed to take this supplement before and after drinking.
• Vitamin B6 is good at restoring energy, preventing fatigue, alcohol removes vitamin b from the body, and so taking supplements is good.
• While vitamin C helps boost the body's immunity, alcohol weakens immunity making you vulnerable to diseases.
• Skincare products are important, helping with dry and dull skin due to dehydration caused by drinking. You can buy a skincare kit to help in restoring rough, dry skin.
• Using ice-roller to make your face not swell after drinking can be so saving from hiding hangover effects on the face like swelling.
• Use sprays to help you prevent or relieve pains brought by taking alcohol. These sprays are administered orally, and you are to use them before and after drinking to prevent you from any discomfort resulting from the hangover.
• You can also use an oxygen booster, which helps regain energy preventing you from fatigue.

Using an Alcohol Tester

Given that most hangovers result from over-indulgence in drinking alcohol. To cure this, you can buy a portable tester to help you control the amount you drink. This device shows estimates of alcohol intake, helping you do the math correctly.


There's nothing so therapeutic like sleep. Try getting some rest when you experience after-drinking effects. Sleep will help you to regain circadian rhythm irritability caused by alcohol.

Take Chamomile Manage Anxiety

Hangover causes anxiety. Studies show that if you are shy, the chances of having high anxiety are even higher after drinking. Chamomile tea can calm you down from an emotional breakdown brought by drinking. It can also help you prolong your sleep and stop stomach upsets.

Use Ginger to Prevent Nausea

Ginger is recommended by doctors to help soothe stomach upset and aids in the digestion process, reducing hangover effects. Ginger also reduces vomiting. You can make ginger tea increasing fluids intake, making the body stay hydrated.

Avoid Using Medicines with Adverse Effects

There are some medicines that, when you use can cause you more harm after drinking. These medicines worsen the hangover feeling; they include Flagyl, Lexapro, and Ritalin. Some of these medications are antidepressants or allergy cures.

Hangovers are never pleasant feelings. You won't enjoy it the way you experience your alcoholic drink, but avoiding the feeling after drinking is never easy. Doing some quick remedies like taking plenty of water, eating foods rich in carbohydrates, taking vitamin supplements, or using medicines can always save you from the agony. Always have a clue of how to manage hangovers whether you drink or not because you can at times help a desperate soul suffering from after drinking effects.

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