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A Review Of Switch Nutrition's Adrenal Switch

Adrenal Switch is the new best fitness partner designed for superior results, affordability, and convenience. Being a nootropic product, it is formulated from Vegan-friendly and keto-friendly ingredients consolidated to an all-encompassing, holistic, incredibly tasty, and healthy product that everyone can benefit from!


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What Are Nootropics

Nootropics are a class of natural cognitive enhancers that improves athletic performance.

Unlike most work out supplements, which put little thought into the mental factor, nootropics help boost intensity, endurance, concentration, motivation, focus, energy, and help with stress management, and even cognitive relaxation during recovery.

In today's adrenal switch review, we will be looking at everything you should know, and if it's the right supplement for you. Let's get started.


What is Adrenal Switch?

Adrenal Switch is a 100% natural post-workout recovery formula made of Amino Acids, Minerals, and Adaptogens. It's designed to maximize muscle repair, boost energy, reduce stress levels, and improve sleep.

How Do You Drink An Adrenal Switch?

Adrenal Switch is best taken after a workout or before bed, but you can also use it at any time throughout the day. Use it when you feel you need to relax and unwind, and do not take more than one serve within a period of 24 hours.


Is Adrenal Switch Vegan?

Nutritional Adrenal Switch is a vegan-friendly supplement thanks to its plant-based ingredients – It contains zero artificial colors, non-dairy, and gluten-free. However, it is not vegan certified and might contain allergens as it is produced in a facility that also processes dairy, egg, and fish.

How Does Switch Nutrition Adrenal Taste Like?

Switch nutrition adrenal switch is undeniably Australia's best recovery formula. I tried it for the first time taste a couple of days ago, and it's about as good as I had hoped. They deliver on their promise: taste, real calming and head-clearing effect, and added body relaxation.

What Flavors Are Available In Adrenal Switch?

  • Chocolate
  • Salted Caramel
  • Lemonade
  • Blackcurrant Apple
  • Strawberry Pineapple
  • Mango Nectar.
  • Choc Mint.


What Products Can I Use With Adrenal Switch For Better Results?

Amino Switch

To maximize recovery and support lean muscle development, we highly recommend using Amino Switch – It's the perfect partner to use with adrenal Switch. It's calorie-free making it perfect for keeping shape or weight loss.

Thermal Switch

To boost your power through workouts, you can combine it with thermal Switch, a vegan-friendly pre-workout thermogenic formula that utilizes the synergy of standardized plant extracts, antioxidants, and amino acids to power you through your workouts.

Keto Switch

If you are on a low carb or ketogenic diet, you should consider using combining with keto switch before bed. It will help you to achieve a state of ketosis faster.

Fruit Punch, Whey Protein, Milk, Or anything You Like!

For something unique and different, you can combine it with anything you want, including whey protein - I tried using milk (I know most of you might not like this option for different reasons) and I found it tastes better. It's a little unconventional but it works for me, and I loved it!



Does Adrenal Switch Make You Drowsy During The Day?

No. Using Adrenal Switch during the day won't make you drowsy but rather help you stay focused and calm. Using it after work, or at night it helps you to wind down and sleep effortlessly.

A good night's sleep guarantees you wake up with fully recovered muscles and bursting with energy the next day.

How Does It Support Recovery?

Coupled with key ingredients that have been clinically proven, and designed to support adrenal glands functions that reduce the impact of stress on your body. *Adrenal glands are tiny triangular shaped glands above your kidneys. They produce hormones that help regulate stress, metabolism, blood pressure, immune system, among other essential functions.

Physical, emotional, or psychological stress – ADRENAL SWITCH covers it all. The combined benefits of its ingredients allow you to achieve your goals faster and recover quicker.

Adrenal Switch Ingredients


Ashwagandha is a naturally occurring and ancient Ayurveda medicine with multiple health benefits. It's mainly associated with adrenal function and improving adrenal receptor sensitivity through stress and anxiety relief, boosting testosterone, lowering cortisol, increasing strength, and supporting muscle recovery, making it a key ingredient in any post-workout recovery supplement.


Magnesium is an essential ingredient that strengthens bones, boosts energy, and helps relax muscles and nerves. Sadly, processed foods that we consume every day has led to many people being Magnesium deficient. Over 60% of Australia's population is Magnesium deficient, and if you exercise regularly and don't supplement your meals, there is a 95% chance you lack enough Magnesium.

Being a cofactor in 600 known metabolic reactions, Magnesium is arguably the most crucial mineral in humans. It is especially important for fitness enthusiasts as it helps with the transfer of Adenosine Tri-Phosphate (ATP) for energy in every cell of the body.

Magnesium's recommended intake is about 300mg-400mg, which is the amount you get in only one Adrenal switch serving!


L-Leucine helps to smooth off the stimulant effect in supplements preventing the much-hated crash. This means you can maintain calm energy to boost protein synthesis, tissue regeneration, and metabolism.

Essentially, Leucine is added into the Adrenal Switch Supplement to aid in post-workout recovery and aid in sleep.


L-Theanine – A unique anabolic amino acid mostly found in green tea leaves. It's known to help promote mind and body relaxation without a drowsy effect. It is also considered a non-dietary amino acid, that may increase cognitive performance, reduce blood pressure, improve sleep, mental clarity, and focus.


L-Glycine is a Non-Essential Amino acid with many links to improving Brain Function but more so Sleeps Problems.

Your central nervous system (CNS) requires L-Glycine for your body and mind to function properly. It has been medically approved as a non-essential amino acid that helps improve brain function and help with sleep problems. Other benefits linked to L-Glycine include improving memory retention and kidney & liver health.

Final Thoughts!

Is Adrenal Switch the best recovery supplement product on the market? Hard to say. There are hundreds of recovery supplements that are out there, and each has its advantages. However, Adrenal Switch stands out because it's not just made for body wellbeing, but also the mood.

With a positive mood, you can be sure to have greater tolerance to stress, optimized recovery, and better results.

So, if you are looking to always be relaxed and energetic before your next day's fitness session, Nutrition Adrenal Switch is a product you have to try.


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